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Apr 29, 2017
Blue Exorcist is, by my own standards, a modern classic anime. Incorporating all of the elements that make anime so expressive of human thought, this show not only has a solid plot, but an entertaining animation style with excellent development, even in the lonesome filler episodes.
The main character has very similar qualities to the infamous Naruto, taking the risk of leaving the anime in the hands of a boisterous and obnoxious character to carry the show. Yet the series excels at focusing on a number of other characters as well, creating a well-rounded selection of individuals to captivate watchers into a shounen supernatural.
The read more
Apr 29, 2017
No.6 (Manga) add (All reviews)
It is rare to find an original and riveting story in an unconventional world, that also fosters to the wishes of unappeasable fangirls. A mix of action, sci-fi, and drama; No. 6 is a manga that is not only thrilling, but prods at your emotions, focusing not only on the story at hand, but a complex relationship between two major characters.
I found this manga to be pleasantly progressive in its focus on romance, but not gender. It is rare to find an anime with two members of the same sex in love and confirmed in canon. It is even rarer to find one that does read more
Apr 29, 2017
Not much more needs to be said than that this is the manga that piqued my interest in Japanese animation and stories, as well as clearly reaching a level of appreciation that I felt inclined to review just what an outstanding manga this is.
It is possibly one of the most well-known anime/manga and with good reason, for it is a pleasing read that traps you with an incurable desire to binge-read and follow the downward spiral of a man with his morally-twisted intentions.
Every character is given certain quirks that add to the art of the story, as the reader is brought down a psychological journey read more
Apr 29, 2017
Having seen the anime first and enjoying it substantially, I had high hopes for the manga; hopes which were met and with an added surprise of quite a different ending. I highly recommend the manga, or at least the later volumes, to any fan of the anime as the storyline fleshes out the characters' backgrounds; which are not only expanded upon but given far more purpose than the sudden cut-off of the anime finale.
Starting off as sci-fi and action piece, Deadman Wonderland grows into more genres as the volumes continue, and you can almost feel the authors mold their story into something great, each volume read more
Apr 29, 2017
Short and sweet, this manga tops my list of favorites. Although riddled with romantic clichés that hopeless-romantic readers can't seem to get enough of, these clichés are approached in an original way that toys with your emotions and keeps you reading start to finish.
It is rare that I find a story that makes me grin like an idiot, unable to control my outward emotions as I become absorbed in the lives of the characters, but this is surely one of those stories. Despite only a few chapters, the author creates well thought out characters and a page-turning plot with a satisfying storyline from start to read more
Apr 29, 2017
Orange (Manga) add (All reviews)
My manga preferences tend to gravitate towards action and psychological thrillers; if I do pick up a romantic manga it is (if I'm being completely honest) a yaoi or shounen-ai.
This story, although nothing like what I typically enjoy, peaked my interest immediately with lovely art and well-developed characters. The author really made me fall in love with every one of the six main characters, as their quirks and personalities added to the charm of the overall manga.
The storyline is pure and eye-opening, creating a world that thrives off of friendship and support.
Sensitive topics surrounding mental illness and lack of self worth are prominent, read more