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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Oct 14, 2:30 PM
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Ahiru no Sora
Ahiru no Sora
Oct 9, 3:00 PM
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Carole & Tuesday
Carole & Tuesday
Oct 3, 1:00 PM
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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Oct 14, 7:16 PM
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Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
Oct 10, 8:26 PM
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Diamond no Ace Act II
Diamond no Ace Act II
Oct 10, 5:50 PM
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Lylaaz Oct 11, 1:16 PM
I see :)
As a binge I just meant watching episodes one after another without waiting a week for every episode. Currently I don't think I am missing anything important..

It makes me happy you like it so far, it means there's probably good thing ahead to look forward to!

Ahh it's totally okay if you didn't notice voice actors like this. :D At least now you know. It's like they lowkey inserted Goro to another series. Intentionally or unintentionally - who knows. Why is it bad? Maybe it's even good (less distracting) so you don't get images of totally other characters speaking the sentences. Although i must say sometimes it's very fun. ( here's an example of Haikyuu and Hero academia: )


The only video I have watched of Vinland Saga is from Gigguk, did you watch something else for the comparisons?
I agree, I don't mind it much. Although I would love to see a dubbed version of this series one day. How cool it would be if they could get all the languages right.. :P Although that would mean they speak Danish most of the time.

Yes, it's hard to predict as of now. The story is still young.
Lylaaz Oct 10, 2:40 PM
Hi! Long time no chat! Sorry if my message is a bit long this time :D

Diamond no Ace. What a tricky show this has been for me. My thoughts? Hmm..
I read around 300 chapters of manga in 2013-2016 (before anime even came out), and to be honest, I didn't really like it back then. I had always loved Major, One outs, Adachi Mitsuru's works, because all of the shows were around one central figure - one pitcher- so it made me really mad that Eijun didn't shine enough since the beginning.
I just wasn't ready for Diamond no Ace back then..
So now a week ago I saw newest episode of Act II (which you are also watching), and then I watched 3 more episodes.. in backwards order. LOL. Then I thought: I'll just start from the beginning. And now I am watching and quite loving it. Whatever frustrated me back then - now I am just loving watching them work hard :D

And I have also started to like other characters as well because I gave it another try from the beginning.

Did you find it easy to follow since the beginning? :D Maybe anime makes it easier to follow, actually? And it seems like a show that is good to binge-watch. That may also be it. I see you haven't read manga so I am basing it on that.

Yes, the progression is really nice. I had a feeling back then that Eijun's main goal is to probably beat Furuya but I just couldn't believe it. And I still don't know how it will go (no spoilers, please). Waiting chapter by chapter (in ~2013) it felt really frustrating that Eijun was nowhere to be found for several chapters. Giving this a fresh start made me like the side characters so now I don't feel angry anymore. :D Everyone is pretty awesome. It has it's own approach and i like it. And i wouldn't even mind it if Eijun wasn't the main pitcher. Perhaps it will be a dual combination of aces. Or something will happen to Furuya (if we go with Adachi Mitsuru route.. yikes). Just my view of it for now.

Fun random fact: In episode 11 in season 2, there is an enemy who has the same voice as Goro from Major who is also a pitcher. So funny when you think about it/notice it.


I agree with Vinland Saga :)
Maybe in time people will notice it more. It's still not completed. I haven't bothered to read what people think about it. To each their own and I find it the best of the airing season personally. Since we are both enjoying it, all is well!
Not to mention, since I am from Europe the Viking theme kind of feels one of the closest things anime has ever depicted. (Except for Hetalia literally having country characters). You don't see many anime like this because.. well it's Japan.
Also it's amazing how similar Askeladd's young version and Torfinn are visually speaking. I wouldn't be surprised if their mothers are related somehow..? :)

~End of the long ramble~
Tenderizer17 Oct 3, 1:36 PM
If you're referring to my recent 3 reviews, it's not that my opinions are unpopular, it's that people are annoyed there is a review at all.

Honestly, I don't think reviews are at all useful. MAL has a rule of not including spoilers in a review, and spoilers are probably the only thing I actually read a review for. If I wanted to know about a series, the first 2 minutes is completely sufficient. With that in mind I have no respect for reviews at all, so I just use them to shout my opinion at a wall.

On "you can't judge an anime based on one episode", I believe you can judge an anime based on 2 minutes. It's hard to justify, but the easy proof is that I've never found an anime which starts off bad and gets good (granted I've never been around long enough to find out). Rising of the Shield Hero is pretty compelling evidence of this, it starts out as the most insufferable isekai ever made (or close to it) then becomes good for a few episodes, then gets progressively more insufferable over time. I regret not giving up in the first 2 minutes.

The main counterargument to the judging things quickly is the idea that it takes more than one episode for the story to get rolling, but if an anime has a story then that's an instant deduction in my book. Stories are spoilers spread too thin. If it's only the overarching narrative that's enjoyable, then 90% of the anime is just bad filler.
Lylaaz Sep 3, 9:58 AM
Haha if that story about Hikaru no Go is true then that's funny and sad at the same time D:

if you enjoyed Baby steps anime then manga is definitely worth the shot. The art style is really good and way better than animations imo. Translations are still 100 chapters behind from completion, though. Fun fact: If the animation studio had animated 1 more episode we could have seen the date chapters animated.. sigh, the cruelty! :D
Lylaaz Sep 2, 4:54 AM
Hi! I'm actually rewatching and rereading Baby steps. But i have seen anime only twice now. How far are you with it? :)
I started reading manga in 2014'ish ? So it's one of the series that i have been with for years, waiting for translations and etc.. and it's still not completely translatedd.. Although it seems there are weekly updates so it's still being worked with :)

I actually know that the ending will be open ended. (Hey it's the same deal with Hikaru no Go and we still both love that series, right? :)) The magazine had a change of editors or something like that. So it was not the authors fault.
Even with an open ending there is still so much to gain from this manga. The way the MC thinks and analyses and works so hard makes me want to be a better person and that's what's important. I can really relate to the MC in terms of how many notes he is making (i'm a note taker too!) :D So many mind games and it's interesting to read when you get into the flow.

From Baby Steps to Giant Strides. Not sure how likely it will be, but i would be super happy if this series continues one day as "Giant Strides".
Lylaaz Aug 15, 3:41 PM
Hey, Kimetsu no Yaiba isn't that bad actually. It took me a while to get used to Zenitsu and the wild boar guy. The latest episode was visually very good and i rewatched first 6 episodes, i like it second time better.
Lylaaz Aug 11, 1:49 PM
wow so Tales of Demons and Gods has really picked up heh! I just read it too soon.. years ago, lol :D
Maybe i'll recheck it one day.

I have seen Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) until 14th episode, so that's about it. I'll probably wait few more weeks before i get to that again.

I just watched latest episode of Vinland Saga and it was very well done. Getting SNK vibes.
Lylaaz Aug 11, 1:00 PM
Really? guess i'll need to see the latest episode then

True. It's nice that we didn't have to wait 10 years (or forever) (although if you started in 2009 then yeah..), more like 6 years for me :D (i started to watch SNK when only 5 episodes of first season was out). When did you start watching/reading it?
I used to read Tales of Demons and Gods. I even have somewhere a note that i have read until 55th chapter. Then there was no more translations out and i kind of forgot about it. Thinking back it felt to me like a copy of Naruto of somesort, so even though it was interesting i was not that into it. Is it good enough to continue?

I haven't heard of solo leveling though. I just checked and it's not available on webtoons nor completely on mangadex (the sites i usually visit). Found it on some other webpage, so i might give it a try :)

Webtoons sometimes has manhua (M) as well. And some originals (O) from not asia. I've really enjoyed Sweet Home(M), Bastard(M), unOrdinary(O), No Scope(M), Hooky (O) the most so far :)
Lylaaz Aug 11, 4:01 AM
Welcome back!!

One outs was indeed amazing. You don't find stories like these a lot where MC can be both evil and good and that smart :D

I agree with Mix. I bet japanese people appreciate it more than people everywhere else in the world (because the mangaka is legend). But I understand how you feel so let's continue to cheer for them :D

Vinland saga - definitely. The first two episodes are a bit boring, but starting from episode 4 or 5 it gets interesting. A small kid trying to survive seems very interesting to me at least. Really promising.
Demon slayer - It starts of really good, but i am disappointed in it. I just don't get the humor of the show. Later there will be characters who scream and whine a lot and i personally was pissed off. I read some comments and apparently the whole show will be like that.. so i don't know. Up to you. I really liked the main character though. So i am thinking of maybe watching it only because of him.

Btw i also caught up with Shingeki no Kyojin. Awesome that you appreciate it too :D really hard to find good anime / manga after being so into SNK. And we have to wait one more year before it finishes. I'm so happy i'm following it again.
Lylaaz May 17, 9:09 AM
I don't read romance manga. However, I like series where there is this long part of getting to know someone, so they are having for example multiple awkward moments and slowly start to like each other. If something like that interests you perhaps check out one of my latest favourites : Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
It's very simple to get into story. It's funny and adorable, and sweet. :)

If you want some heavy romance manga you have to ask someone else.
Lylaaz May 5, 2:14 AM

I liked Ping Pong the Animation :) Wondered if i'd give it 8 or 9 as a rating. For now i'll go with 9 because it was unique in art style, but i might change it to 8 later. I actually saw it last year when it came out and back then i wasn't impressed, but i thought i would give it another try and my only regret is that i looked down upon it when it just started. As for the story itself at first i thought the glasses-kun was the main character, but it turned out that both the boys were main characters. That was an interesting surprise. Also it was nice that the hero was his own friend. I am sad that the glasses-kun didn't also try to go nation's representive, i think he would have also had the talent for it.

Im not very used to watching such a short series :D
Lylaaz Apr 16, 2:58 AM
I wrote a message to you in private.

As for anime. I have read Diamond no Ace manga so i don't feel like watching anime of it. :) I haven't completed it, though.
Mob Psycho 100 is acutally quite thoughtful and well animated series so if you ever feel like watching anime again, i think you might like it. Same for the 3-gatsu no Lion. And for Shinsekai Yori you have to be in the right mood for it, i guess. :D

Lylaaz Apr 15, 11:28 AM
Hi, how have you been? Seems like you have ignored my comment, so i wondered if you didn't get the notification :)
Lylaaz Mar 26, 4:50 PM
Hi there!!
I love recommending stuff :D
You have seen loads of stuff already so it's a bit difficult. Hmm.
I'm amazed that you didn't like High Score girl much. Recently 3 new episodes came out as an OVA and also second season was announced. I just recently rewatched all episodes and loved it for the story so much. The retro game theme is so unique and romance is adorable. But everyone is different so..
What would i recommend you..
OH MY YOU HAVE TOTALLY MISSED OUT ON MOB PSYCHO 100. The second season has Hunter x Hunter vibes. So you might like it.
If you want something similar to Hikaru no go, start 3-gatsu No Lion already :D! It also has pretty animations.

Maybe 2 recommendations are good enough for now? otherwise you never start them :D Or are you looking for something else? Kiseijuu is also definitely something you should check out on your PTW.
..Or Shinsekai Yori if you are looking for something like Made in Abyss (been ages since i last saw SY, i should rewatch).

It always helps me to nail it down better if i'd know what you are into right now or what themes/feels you are looking for. Right now i'd just base it on what you have liked before.
Afriyieau1 Jan 22, 3:09 AM
Oh ok. Thanks for the tip :)