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Jul 5, 2019
Domestic na Kanojo is very realistic with feelings. How wrong is it to love someone that cannot and should not be loved? I can't imagine what it feels like to break a taboo and living through it. There is a lot of taboo, incest PLUS teacher/student relationship, and cheating here.

After watching the anime, even if taboo, I support Hina and Natsuo's relationship. I'm glad Hina found her true feelings in the end, she loves Natsuo and kept it even if apart :) Hina is absolutely pretty and beautiful. I LOVE HINA FOR HER BEAUTY AND THE KIND HEART SHE HAS !!!!!!

In the beginning, Hina read more
Jul 1, 2019
If you like mecha with good visuals and fun, also for people that want to start mecha, get to have a chance to learn more about Japan and the trains/RAILWAY,there too, you in for some badass knowledge XD, people MUST WATCH this one Shinkansen.

This is like the Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V of mecha. not your standard thing and more people need to watch both. Both are very FLASHY and has that SPIRIT AND ENERGY !!!!! The ANIMATION of Shinkansen is GODLY during transformation sequence of the Shinkansen trains (bullet trains/super high speed trains) to robots, BEST I'VE SEEN, dude I've seen a lot of robot anime. read more
Jun 23, 2019
I love spending time with Kuromi. Kuromi is with me everywhere :))) My Kuromi plushie is now with me on my desk as my family looking after me !!! I was surprised that there was an anime with Kuromi and My Melody called Onegai My Melody, now I love My Melody too !!!! :D

Kuromi is a new character created in 2005 by Sanrio to join the My Melody universe in the anime Onegai My Melody. She was a fantastic push to bring back My Melody in the spotlight after being around for a long time.
I fell in love with Kuromi when I saw a read more
Jan 4, 2019
Season 4 review. Continuing off Season 3, we know President D. failed with his assassins to capture Joker. While President D. is set back, Joker learns more about Phoenix and his "Ancient Treasure" from when he came to Earth. Joker plans to steal it for his 1000th treasure and races with Phoenix to find artifacts that will reveal its location.

What's cool of Kaitou Joker is Joker don't just steal jewels from museums, he goes around the world to steal treasure from all kinds of people with "Advance Notice". From time to time, Queen and Spade would hang out with Joker, or be there at the read more
Jan 4, 2019
Welcome to the Season 3 review of Kaitou Joker. Professor Clover is over, but the battle is just beginning. We are introduced to a new evil, the organization Devil's Fang headed by President D. There is something different about this new evil. Joker finally has his own archenemy!

In Season 1 and 2, Professor Clover hated Silver Heart mainly. I remember Professor Clover as like the devil himself, bringing evil and terror. The new evil , President D. hates Joker mainly, we'll find out why in Season 4. He's a sadist that wants to destroy Joker and his Kaitou friends Queen and Spade, even placing bounties read more
Jan 1, 2019
This is the Season 2 review. After Season 1, Queen is now a Kaitou Thief like Joker and Spade. "Kaitou Queen !!!" But she is still easily the weakest Kaitou and doesn't steal often, relatively minor compared to Joker or Spade.

The plotline advanced heavily and the anime doesn't disappoint giving us even more awesome episodes! In Season 1, only Joker and Queen's background stories were covered, the rest were funny heists. In Season 2, we learn the background stories of all our other characters, Spade, Dark Eye, Hachi, Master Silver Heart, Oniyama and his daughter Haruka, and most of all Shadow Joker. These are read more
Jan 1, 2019
Season 1 review. Let me start with QUEEN is really CUTE and PRETTY, and one of my most favorite anime girl ever. Her diamond eyes are so attractive and her design just sings cute cute and cute. In the first season, she don't debut until episode 8 if you waiting for her, and at the start she is filled with hatred because of Professor Clover, so no diamond eyes yet.

Since this is Season 1 review, I'll give an introduction to Kaitou Joker. It is the trollest anime I've ever seen and it is also a children's show. WOW, I did not know I'd be loving read more
Feb 24, 2018
SEASON 2 placed me with sweet memories of Yaoguai Mingdan. A MASTERPIECE like this with many good stories and awesome characters has turned me into a Chinese anime fan. First, I'd like to thank the Yaoguai Mingdan team for this wonderful Chinese anime experience. After seeing the Yaoguai Mingdan staff interviews in the episode 16 special, I feel their fiery love, everyone wants the best for Yaoguai Mingdan including me. I am proud of this notion that Yaoguai Mingdan will continue to be a rocking success bringing together fans across the world, a season 3 will continue, and Chinese anime too will grow popular!
read more
Feb 15, 2018
WAY TOO UNDERRATED AMAZING CHINESE ANIME MASTERPIECE !!! It's a good thing I don't read reviews, because if I trusted them, I wouldn't have watched Yaoguai Mingdan, English name: Monster List, this awesome Chinese anime. There are 3 arcs, 6 episodes each from 18 episodes, each episode around 10 minutes long, except for the first episode which is 20 minutes long.

In the first arc, it starts with an immediate attract magnet, even better and hotter than ecchi anime, an allure of seductions begins from a pretty spirit monster girl called Hehuan absorbing people’s life force, killing them while the protagonist Feng Xi slowly hurdles himself read more
Feb 7, 2018
THIS CHINESE ANIME IS ONE OF THE BEST LET IT BE KNOWN !!!!! I'm not one that usually watches Chinese anime, but this one is a must watch. Blew me out of the waters!

It rocks as a Detective/crime anime and even exciting like a thriller. The main character Zhang Dabao, for once with a Chinese name, last name not Ye LOL which seems to be really common in Chinese anime. He is so cool, and really funny. Nice guy and also really observant, he gets shy, gets sad, gets serious, fights, not OP one dimensional, he is the best main character. And his friend Egg read more