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Jan 9, 2020
Let me begin by admitting that Hyouka is by far one of my favorite series in anime. And while many say that the artwork in the show is one of its best aspects, it is truly seen in its original novel series that that is clearly not the case, and bluntly, it isn’t even needed.

I will refrain from an elaborate review of the first few volumes since KyoAni produced a spectacular adaptation. But for formal review sake, I would simply like to state that these chapters do a wonderful job introducing our beloved characters, and giving life to our favorite Classics Club. Oreki is the read more
Feb 5, 2019
There are many wonders of this world, and those who don’t experience these directly miss out on life-changing possibilities. However, given the opportunity to become a potential wonder, A Place Further than the Universe gets so close but ultimately fails to achieve this feat.

The pilot episode was amazing. No doubt about that. It effectively set up the rest of the series while concurrently being artistically intriguing and spectacular. However as the show goes on, it goes from being an inspirational adventure to a generic cute-girls-doing-cute-things reality show.

I will certainly not deny that I enjoyed this show; however, there were several times this show put read more