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Mar 6, 2008
This is my favourite anime of all time, and I will admit from the off, I am somewhat biased towards it. Nonetheless, I don't expect anyone reading this to go in to this anime expecting something that they themselves will give 10/10, but nonetheless, to check out this series because it is worthwhile.

A quick synopsis to begin: Jun Fudo is a fashion model, who is approached by a mysterious blonde stranger named Lan Asuka. Lan brings her to a warehouse and sets a wolf demon upon Jun, who transforms into a monster herself and fights back. Jun is a Devilman, an evolved human with read more
Mar 6, 2008
I want to write this review in order to provide a more balanced view of this OAV. It's not as good as the previous Devilman OAVs. It is the weakest anime adaptation of Devilman and isn't really as good as Violence Jack either, despite being equally as violent.

However, I feel that like Violence Jack, it gets too much of a bad rap. In itself, this OAV effectively managed to translate some of the more harrowing scenes of the original Devilman story to motion, and it does those scenes justice.

Besides that, the end sequence goes back to the whole message and point of Devilman quite read more