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Sinankooesa Yesterday, 12:53 PM
And yes, I did

Had a bit of an exhausting week. Wrote (and passed) my final exam just yesterday. Now had to spend the last two days emptying my dorm room and everything's definitely been a bit of a stressful week...but still a good one
Hikool101 Jun 8, 2:10 PM
Yeah, slow life anime can be really nice. Banished From the Hero's Party looks like something I wouldn't like haha, but Campfire Cooking in Another World... I've actually been interested in the light novels of that since a few years ago, so I was excited when the anime adaptation was announced. I'll definitely watch it at some point in the near future. I'd recommend Silver Spoon. That's a really nice slow life anime. It's funny, easy-watching and relaxing, plus you get to learn some stuff along the way. I still need to watch Season 2 of that.

I actually wasn't that interested in Ghost Hound before, but a MAL friend enticed me to pick it up sooner rather than later, and I'm definitely into it now. I hope it stays good haha.

I wish you good luck with all that, and congratulations to your sister! I've been good. Just trying to appreciate all the little things in life and enjoying the things I'm interested in. :)
Hikool101 Jun 4, 9:38 AM
Oh, nice. I'm glad you found something worthwhile in the list. And I see you found something not so worthwhile in there, as well haha. Your liking Isekai Nonbiri Nouka definitely made me a bit more interested in it, so I'll definitely watch it at some point. It looks like a nice show.

Also, congratulations on reaching 500 anime! ๐Ÿฅณ

I really want to return from my unintentional break from anime (just been reading books haha), and I think I might be returning with Ghost Hound (maybe even today). A MAL friend of mine convinced me I'm gonna really like it, plus what the positive reviews are saying sounds very much like something I'd enjoy.

Anyway, how are you doing? :)
Hikool101 May 30, 9:38 PM
Hey, I just came across this interest stack and thought it might be of interest to you:
Hikool101 May 3, 10:54 AM
Oh, I see. XD

Yeah, I'm doing my best to take my time with Natsume Yuujinchou haha. I usually binge anything I watch, but I want to savor this one. Also, I read that Natsume is more short-tempered in the manga. It said that on his bio.

Is Bai Yao Pu episodic, by the way? Or does it have an overarching story?

Well, I guess compared to Yuru Camp it's not as "iyashikei vibey" lol, but I still find Aharen-san pretty relaxing haha. Although, I also found GJ Club to be relaxing, and that's definitely not an iyashikei. XD

Personally, I liked both seasons almost exactly the same amount. I hope you love Season 2 even more than Season 1! :D
Hikool101 May 3, 10:29 AM
Do you remember the name of every episode? o_O

Yeah, though, I'm very very excited for the rest of Natsume Yuujinchou. Watching a couple episodes before bed is so nice! Especially because of the peaceful feeling I get after finishing one. Kamiya Hiroshi does an amazing job, but Japanese voice-acting is amazing in general haha (probably because they actually go to a school for voice-acting, whereas in the US, we don't really have that...).

Yeah, I'm more interested in Bai Yao Pu than Raven of the Inner Palace. MAL tags are definitely a mess lol. Btw, it seems they recently removed the iyashikei tag from Aharen-san and added the romance tag to it. I feel like that iyashikei tag should've stayed lol. I've only seen the first 3 episodes of it so far, but I definitely found them to be quite relaxing.

What about Uchouten Kazoku Season 2? You loved Season 1, so you'll probably fall in love with Season 2, as well.
Hikool101 May 3, 10:02 AM
Yeah, it was fun, but not normally the type of thing I'd watch haha.

Oh, I expected to like Natsume Yuujinchou from the very beginning, and I recently decided to just start it - so far I've really liked every episode, but Episode 6 is easily my favorite so far. I almost always watch anime in sub, so I'm watching this one in sub, too, don't worry haha. It made me very very happy to hear Eva's (from Umineko) voice actress in Natsume Yuujinchou!! Natsume's aunt has the same voice actress, as we talked about before. I'm so happy to hear Eva's voice again. XD

How is Raven of the Inner Palace? I've always been iffy on whether or not it seems like something I might like, and only added it to my PTW yesterday after seeing you had started it haha. I do like mystery, though, and it has the mystery tag.
Hikool101 Apr 29, 10:02 AM
OH. My bad. Thanks for letting me know. I wonder why I thought it was a drug haha.

Okay. I look forward to the rest of your reply. :)
Hikool101 Apr 28, 11:54 PM
Oh, that's interesting. Didn't know that.

Okay! I know literally nothing about Vertigo other than there's apparently lots of suspense in it. That is literally the only thing I know. (Oh, and I know that vertigo is a drug of some sort)

Jump scares... no!! XD
I'll let you know when I watch it.

Alright, I don't think I'll get to her books as soon as the other movies and books we talked about, but I'll definitely give them a try at some point!

True, she did have the most varied performance, therefore she was able to showcase more of an acting range than the others, but man, I really loved Ruth Gordon's performance haha. Also, that happens to me quite often when I talk about a movie I love - makes me wanna watch it again lol.

Oh, and I watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World today, since I just found it's leaving Netflix in 2 days. Figured it was a good excuse to finally give it a watch. I liked all the effects they used for the movie, it was funny and quirky and the effects were all well-done to add to the humor and vibe. It was a solid 7 for me.

Btw, I read a bunch of (positive) reviews for Natsume Yuujinchou earlier today, and it really made me want to see it even more than I already do lol. I'm pretty sure I mentioned to you before that Natsume Yuujinchou is the anime I'm most looking forward to (in 2nd place would be Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, for obvious reasons XD), and that just made me want to watch it now, but I'm in my live-action phase! But I want to watch anime! But I want to watch live-action! But I want to watch anime! I keep flip-flopping in my head lol. Plus there's a bunch of books (18 to be exact) by my bedside I just purchased that I want to read nowwwww. It's an endless, vicious cycle. XD
Hikool101 Apr 27, 10:21 PM
"They have stood the test of time and are classics for a reason" - exactly, so I'll definitely watch more classic cinema eventually. I'm in a live-action phase right now, so sooner or later haha.

Oh, wow. It was that good, huh? Maybe I'll give it a watch sometime... and no, I didn't know The Kid was a silent film haha. Still interested in it, though.

I don't think I care about whether a film is in black and white lol. I don't see how that would mess with my enjoyment, at least not consciously. When it comes to older movies like that, like I mentioned before, it's really just an audio thing. (So I should gravitate to silent films, right? XD) I only know 2 things about Psycho: The shower scene and the main character is a serial killer. I've actually seen the TV show Bates Motel, which is a prequel to Psycho. (Vera Farmiga was great in it) I'll have to watch it soon.

Yeah, Kathy Bates was seriously amazing in Misery, no doubt about that. I remember the scene with the penguin lol. Carrie has been on my radar, but I'm honestly not that interested in it, but I'd like to see it... eventually.

For some reason, all this time I was under the impression that Poltergeist was more of a "light"/"silly" horror movie, not necessarily like Casper lol, but like, um... Addams Family or something. I looked it up just now and oops. I was mistaken. XD

Oh, okay. Thanks for the heads-up. I hope I don't forget about it by that time haha. I watched Christmas with the Kranks before, and it wasn't even December lol, but yeah, watching Christmas movies during the appropriate time definitely adds to it.

Thanks for the link! I just watched the clip and it was great. XD

Yeah, Clueless was definitely entertaining. I read something about it adapting "Emma" in a review on IMDb. Do you think I'd like Jane Austen's works, by the way?

Speaking of movies, I watched 3 more today. Adore (starring Naomi Watts - another actress I love and adore), She's the Man (Channing Tatum was in it - He is so cute and hot and I just wanna hug himmmmm!!!!!)... and the third movie was...

Rosemary's Baby!! I decided to just watch it today. So, first of all, while Mia Farrow certainly did a great job with the acting (everybody did, really), I'd have to say Ruth Gordon's acting stood out the most to me. Also, while it definitely is satanic, I feel like the way they did everything was in a very manageable way for me, so I was definitely fine with the content. All that said... I really liked it! It was very engaging and I think they did everything very well - I was never bored or distracted. A solid 8. Thanks for recommending and helping to push to me to finally watch it haha.
Hikool101 Apr 26, 10:02 PM
I know, I know. Shame on me! Lol.
I promise you I'll get into older movies in the near future haha. (I'm a bit unsure of what I would like when it comes to movies that old, though, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated)

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans looks sort of interesting, but I don't know about silent films...

Yeah, I definitely have an interest in Hitchcock's films. Vertigo doesn't appear to be on any streaming service at the moment (at least over here), but the original Psycho from Alfred Hitchcock is on Netflix. Would that be a good starting point or should I just watch Vertigo first?

Let me know what you think of CODA when you get to it. I really liked that one. Watched it with my family on movie night before. :)

I'll definitely have to update you when I watch Gaslight and confirm the great acting haha.

I'll try to watch Rosemary's Baby soon-ish, then. It's on Prime, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Oh, I've seen Misery! I liked that one, not a huge fan of it or anything, but I definitely enjoyed it. Haven't seen Carrie yet, though, but it's been on my radar for a while. You know, my mom says Poltergeist really freaked her out - have you seen that one?

Got it. Thanks.

I have no idea what Mixed Nuts was doing not on my PTW, but thank you, it's certainly there now. No, I haven't seen that clip, though it sounds vaguely familiar...

Btw, I just got done watching 3 movies back-to-back: "Clueless", "Reservation Road" and "Ricki and the Flash". I gave both "Clueless" and "Reservation Road" an 8/10, and "Ricki and the Flash" a 7/10. I remember Dan Levy, one of the creators and main writers of Schitt's Creek, mentioning that he liked the movie "Clueless" in an interview or something, so that made me more interested in it, and it was definitely a fun time. Reservation Road was just good drama (it was pretty sad, though), and Ricki and the Flash was probably more of a low 7 easy-watching pastime. Meryl Streep was in it, though, and that's always a plus lol.
Hikool101 Apr 26, 12:30 PM

Haha. I'll have to update you when I watch it eventually. That reminds me, I think Annie Hall might still be the oldest movie I've seen so far... and that reminds me that I'm really interested in Gaslight (the old film). If I recall correctly, the oldest movie on my live-action PTW is from 1924. Oh, it's actually from 1926:
It's not even the oldest one on my PTW, that would be this one, now that I look:

Yeah, I'm a bit worried about Rosemary's Baby, but I don't want to let that stop me from watching what looks like a genuinely great film! And speaking of greatest acting performances, I would say Dancer in the Dark (I don't know if you've seen it) has the best acting I've ever seen, though I'm no acting connoisseur lol. It's a really good movie, I would even say it's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Yes! The encourage part is odd! XD
Did she encourage you to watch other things you shouldn't've watched at such a young age, too? o_O

Lol. Maybe I should plow my way through that list sometime and see what I think. XD

Okay, I won't! Just to confirm, though, it's the 2007 Spanish film, right? (Because it seems there's more than one movie called "The Orphanage".)

Yeah, my dad and you have gotten me extra interested in The Others! I'm definitely looking forward to it. Speaking of Nicole Kidman, I just watched a movie with her in it yesterday. "Being the Ricardos" ( I love Nicole Kidman, though not as much as Juliette Lewis - she's my absolute fave. Don't know if I've mentioned that before. She's just AMAZING in everything!!! I especially loved her in August: Osage County and Kelly & Cal. Oh, and she was great in Cape Fear and Back Roads, too. Same with My Louisiana Sky and literally everything lol. I'm a huge Juliette Lewis fan.
Hikool101 Apr 26, 11:41 AM
I really want to see them, though! I'll just hide under the covers the whole time. XD
After a whole decade?? That's a long time! o_O

Maybe I'll remove The Woman in Black from my PTW, then lol. Thirteen Ghosts, though, I was reading reviews and whatnot and it sounds like fun haha.

I know Rosemary's Baby has something to do with something satanic, but not really any specifics. I just hear lots of good things about the movie and I know Mia Farrow is a great actress + it seems like the type of movie that keeps you glued to the screen and I like that haha. Also, I'm gonna watch Devilman: Crybaby, eventually... There were cults and possibly satanic things (though not as explicitly satanic as other things, probably haha) involved in M. Night Shyamalan's "Servant" (his 4-season TV show on Apple TV), and I was fine watching that (gave it an 8/10 btw).

You were only 11 when you watched The Exorcist?!?! Yeah, same thing I said about why I wanted to watch Rosemary's Baby applies to The Exorcist haha. There's an exception to every rule lol. The Shining... I hear Stephen King wasn't happy with the movie adaptation of that haha. I read somewhere that he said Stand By Me is the most accurate novel-to-film adaptation of his he's seen, although that was forever ago, so it might've changed since then. I LOVE Stand By Me, by the way.

Yeah, maybe they meant "25 light horror films to not scare the crap out of you" lol - with a few exceptions. o_O

Oh, maybe I'll watch and read American Psycho at some point, then. Definitely not anytime soon, though.

I have literally zero knowledge of The Orphanage other than the fact that it takes place in an orphanage lol, but that gets me a bit more interested in it, so I'll move it up the mental priority list haha.

Speaking of being blown away by movies, I'm still waiting for The Others to be available on a streaming service already so I can watch it. I mean, I could just use (and have used it plenty before), but it's just easier to watch on a streaming service haha. Especially since my parents are against using free movies sites for fear of getting in trouble, but, like, you wouldn't get in trouble for streaming, it's not like I'm downloading the movies. -_-
Hikool101 Apr 26, 10:44 AM
Yeah, yikes! I'm very interested in the Saw series, but I don't know if the violence will be too much for me. The Woman in Black sounds vaguely familiar, but it seems it's not on my IMDB PTW, so I just added it. Same with Thirteen Ghosts. That one looks interesting haha.

Oh, I hear The Exorcist is extremely scary and I'm too scared to watch it lol, even though it looks like a really good film. Have you seen it?
I'm pretty interested in Rosemary's Baby and The Shining, too, off of that list. WHAT THE HECK IS GET OUT DOING THERE, THOUGH?!?!?! That movie isn't scary at all!! XD

American Psycho... do you think it would be okay if I decided to watch the movie instead of reading the novel?

I forgot about The Orphanage's existence lol, but it seems it's on my IMDB PTW. Btw, even though it may seem like it, it's not like I'm looking for a movie to scare the crap out of me, I was just curious. XD
Hikool101 Apr 26, 10:06 AM
I'll have to try it all in due time haha. In the meantime, though, I will be reading lighter things. XD

I'll watch it sometime, then.

That's a lot of pressure for The Secret History! XD

I mean, I definitely get where you're coming from with Bocchi the Rock haha (I like Nijika more than Bocchi btw), but personally, I really liked it. Then again, though, I haven't seen K-On, so maybe I'd think differently having seen it.

By the way, what's the scariest live-action movie you've seen, out of curiosity? I haven't seen many movies that make me go "that was scary!", but if I had to pick one, I'd say The Fourth Kind. That one really freaked me out haha.
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