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Apr 25, 2015
Every had a boyfriend/girlfriend that you tried really hard to relate to? Or that it felt like a one sided relationship because only you were trying so hard to keep it together? Well finally there's an anime for that! (haha seriously there's an anime for everything... :P)
Erika is going to a new school and making new friends is a must, so what does she do? Creates a fake boyfriend. This love complex turns to dust when she finds out... hes a sadist...
Don't be discouraged... hes a sadist for a reason! Theres more to come of this anime than its said to be. read more
May 16, 2013
Karneval... when you think of carnival... you think of roller coasters and cotton candy with a spectacular fireworks show right? Well think of it this way... your on one of the most winding roller coaster, the fear and rush of excitement, all are necessary for a great ride.

This story represents that roller coaster... scary, yet exciting... at the end of each chapter you feel a step closer to solving mysteries. Details are essential in order to understand the whole story, so even stopping in the middle of a volume for a day or 2 might make you want to re-read the whole read more
Dec 1, 2012
This anime plays off of a familiar story romeo and Juliet. Juliet was once the princess of Neo Verona, but when a lord from another family kills Juliet parents, she must leave the castle letting the lord, Leontes Montague, become prince of Neo Verona. 16 years later, Juliet is considered the red whirlwind fighting crime when she stumbles upon romeo, the son of Montague. will fate bring them closer? find out by watching Romeo X Juliet.
Sep 29, 2012
i loved this movie! just the thought of a tunnel to another world is pretty fascinating. the love, drama, all of these come together and form a beautiful story! the outstanding plot that has a somewhat happy ending and many different characters that have important roles!
Sep 9, 2012
I love how the Characters meet and how they get along. The story is unique to all the other shows I've seen. Its not your typical magic/ wizard story nor your same Vampire stories that I've seen. Combines the aspect of the Zodiac to real life. Even though the thought of just hugging the opposite sex will transform the Zodiac into its actual character its portraying is a little weird :P. But i love it! And i wish they would continue it and not leave it kinda hanging