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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi
Natsume Yuujinchou Shi
Yesterday, 6:43 PM
Watching 3/13 · Scored -
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Yesterday, 4:59 PM
Re-watching 10/23 · Scored 10
Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket (2019)
Yesterday, 3:37 PM
Watching 7/? · Scored -
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Blue Heaven
Blue Heaven
May 17, 5:06 PM
Reading 15/27 · Scored -
Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!!
Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!!
May 16, 8:59 AM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 9
Ichi Ni no San!
Ichi Ni no San!
May 14, 4:54 AM
Completed 5/5 · Scored -


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Soumu Yesterday, 7:19 PM
yes dorks! I really love him as Reigen, my favourite Sakupyon role! :D uhhh about Osomatsu-san, I really want to watch it honestly but there is a reason why I can't and it's something stupid

I guess they just want to complete the anime asap

Yup, Haiji's definitely at fault here haha. Now I'm curious if there are any characters similar to Haiji in terms of personality and beauty

hmm I rewatched a number of anime years ago and I don't remember the "rewatched" function existed when I first joined MAL. But then again it could be because I was such a noob back then. If I were to add them now, it just feels weird idk lol

wow that's a lot of rewatching! Do you not consider them your favourites? Oh I meant including them in your favs list. I rewatched Death Note thrice and that was the most for me. Mostly I can only go up to twice when it comes to rewatching

Oh yeah characters aren't my main priority. It's because in this context, "spending time with your favourite people" to me means as if you treat them like real life people. And that's just deep man. Cause watching anime is just a hobby, so yeah I find that touching :3 Even the way you treat and see Haiji, I find that admiring

"I usually notice many small details that I didn't while watching for the first time, and if I really liked the show, it actually makes rewatching even more enjoyable than first watch"
yes me too, when you learn to appreciate the existence of those little details :D

He's so cool to the point he deserves to die >_> hahaha I laughed so hard at the mentioning of Risotto's prisoner pants

haha okay fine I won't lurk this time XD Oh part 7 is it? I see. Omg how many bizarre adventures will Jojo have? Oh I used to add manga but then I removed them all from my mangalist including my fav list. Don't ask me why I don't know why I did that to be honest haha it's just the ones I'm currently into that I added

oooh he looks so much manlier in blue and the black one makes him look all evil
oh yes I'd like his hair as golden as possible cause he is Mista's Rapunzel

I think that's the reason why I was able to binge watch it, the hype haha

haha yeah ikr! But turns out it actually happened in the manga so I'm like okay fine. Cause I didn't read the early chapters -_-" and Natsuki Takaya, the author, really wants to follow the manga in this remake so yeah, let her do what she wants lol but see me complaining here and there Because if I'm not mistaken, the older adaptation of Furuba completely changed the way Hatori found out about Kana getting married

asdhjjdashkjdhbfdsf what Hatori is Yuki?? omg they sound so different! It must be hard to change the way your voice sounds, like that. Now I feel bad saying his voice sounds lifeless, I'm very sorry Yuki's VA
XracerGrid Yesterday, 2:00 PM
Umm, just had some issues with one of them.

Oh wow, what a fucking disgrace.
Soumu Yesterday, 6:13 AM
Hey ya! I'm mentally exhausted after preparing for something! So if I sound like I'm not making any sense, I really am not making any sense lmao

lol every since Sakupyon voiced Makishima, I now have this perception of him that he would usually voice evil white/silverish haired boys

oh I discovered people on this forum watch anime at a speed greater than normal. Haha it's a funny habit I would say cause I never thought of doing it XD ah yes, the power of seiyuu :D

I can totally see you being a kazetsuyo mess at this point haha

haha yeah you definitely are one passionate watcher! Which anime did you rewatch the most and for how many times?

I don't think I'm gonna add any anime to my rewatched for now

"So for me rewatching feels more like spending time with favorite people rather than watcing."
wow, I never looked at it that way. That sounds really touching :3

"But it probably soesn't really matter, the show doens't seem to have actual romance line (so far?) and can't say I'd be upset if it'd kep it that way since i'm not too eager for straight romances in my shows"
haha yeah I second you on this. I don't need hetero romance in shows. Give me all the gay boys!

Oh god I haven't clicked on your spoiler button yet. I don't wanna know asbdjasdkasdjk :( Also I came across a Narancia fanart with his halo! I'm really hoping this isn't a trend in Jojo lol thanks for placing it pretty far from the main paragraph lmao really helped"

I took a break from Jojo the past few days after Risotto's death lol. I was literally like this ever since it happened

But yeah I'm gonna continue after this :D

omg Part 6? what's part 6? jsdjfkjdsfks now you make me want to lurk hahahah XD

Explains all the changes in the colours. I didn't know it's official. Ah, now that you mention it, yeah it happens in those intense scenes
oh Jojorno is supposed to be blue? :D

yeah Buccellati sounds like a totally different person like who daaaat :<

"are you planning to begin other parts once you catch up with latest episode?"
yes this is exactly what I'm going to do (: I don't think I could wait for part 5 to finish. Watching airing anime sucks to be honest so I'm sorta glad I started watching Jojo pretty late
Haptism93 May 17, 12:01 PM
It's from Fruits Basket, haha. That's what Yuki says to Kyo when he didn't punch him at school.
XracerGrid May 16, 11:44 AM
Well I guess that works cuz snow and Ice is your natural habitat, super kek

Meh, had my wisdom teeth removed.
XracerGrid May 16, 9:07 AM
Silver! unacceptable!

It's been a while Senpai, how are things?
XracerGrid May 16, 7:32 AM
Eyy good jo-, ehh... nevermind France is not much of a challange.
Soumu May 13, 2:54 PM
Thank you! ^^

Oh yes it does kinda remind me of PP in a way. Also not forgetting the character voiced by Sakurai just reminded me a lot like Makishima lol

lmao I agree on getting bored after watching several episodes for certain shows. It depends, sometimes I do binge watch if I just want to finish the anime asap or it's simply just that good that I need more of it. But also in my case, if I don't binge watch an anime which I find pretty average, there is a high chance that I will drop it so need to finish it quickly before the boredom strikes :< haha I too do have the attention span of a goldfish XD

"recently I was telling about Haiji to a person and just literally started crying uncontrollably jesus fucking christ what the hell is wrong with me lmao. Haiji the Life Ruiner™"
jsdkjadhkjsakjf omg are you alright?? Haiji really did have that impact on you! He literally ruined your life D: It sounds like you need to take a break from Kazetsuyo or something! although I have no right in telling you that cause you can do whatever you want anyway but it just sounds worrying, really :3

"it's probably impossible for me to get bored with Kazetsuyo."
wow I don't think I can do that. if I rewatch Kazetsuyo or perhaps any other favourite show of mine too many times especially when it is still fresh in memory, I'm afraid that I'll get bored of it and that it will lose it's charm :(

yeah ever since the beginning, Shizuku just rubbed me off the wrong way. also cause she reminds me of Kiyoko Oh yes Mako is bae! Best girl in my opinion. But Tatara's too busy with his "Hanaoka-san". What do you think of Chinatsu?

"Ahhhh, I don't even know how should I answer this, I want to say so many things about part 5 and everything else but at this point literally anything is a spoiler :D"
omg I'm not sure if this is right but did they kill Abbacchio off?? Cause I came across fanarts of him with a halo on top of his head lmao and it wasn't just once. Now I regret lurking ><


but best boy with a beating heart would either be Fugo or Bucciarati :D But Fugo's currently MIA so I guess it's Bucciarati? why are their names so complicated to spell lol

omg strawberry Fugo sounds super cute :3 also yeah, I've seen that colour combination of his. What is that exactly? What's with the different colours? Also speaking of colours, I don't know if that's a jojo thing but why do the colors just change in certain scenes? for e.g the characters' entire appearance. Yes I have so many questions

as for ships, I think the cutest would be Fugo x Narancia. Bucciarati x Giorno is kinda cute too. Though I'm not familiar with their ship names yet.
also Risotto x Prosciutto wheee

"I hope you'll like Caesar <3"
okay now I have a mission, to find the best boy and best ship in jojohell XD
Soumu May 12, 2:50 AM
Hey hey! I'm back from the dead lol :>

lmao I forgot about that frame! Haiji really was plotting something. That face of his made it obvious haha. Poor the twins

About Gyakusatsu Kikan, I don't really remember much honestly. It was just fine overall. Thought I would have a fun ride with it cause the plot sounded interesting. I just sat there watching hoping it would end :3 What did you think of it though?

"Usually I watch few episodes and after couple days my memory just goes blank xd"
To be honest, that happens to me too especially when I binge watch :3

"because I rewatched each episode in random order ((at least)) 3 times"
now I'm curious how many times you can rewatch Kazetsuyo without getting bored at all XD

"All I remember is literally one character's death and the appearance of dude from part 3 (you'll see). "
omg did some important character die? don't tell me it's one of bruno's boyband members :< I just get so panicky at the those scenes where I thought they were gonna die but they didn't lol

"Though dancing itself is the real letdown, the fact that we almost don't see any. I guess eyelashes is where the budget went."
hahaha yeah eyelashes and necks were the only things that mattered, really

"Gaju turned into such an unexpectedly cute tsundere after episode 10 (゚ー゚;  I reeeally disliked him, but now I just can't :D"
omg yes I so agree! Gaju and Shizuku were very annoying at first! But yeah after they competed, they were alright. But yesss, Gaju's tsundere side is really cute :D

Oh you have no favouritesl in Part 5? haha what about if you were to pick one? :D

I see Josuke is your bestest boy :D I plan to watch Jojo in descending order. So I'll be seeing him soon hehe (:

"Btw if you're going to pick part 4 later, you'll have to hear much more of him x)"
oh god no lmao guess I'll just have to tolerate
UhOhSPAGET May 10, 8:00 AM
Oh don't worry I do :D

UhOhSPAGET May 9, 4:21 PM
*LE GASP* p u r i t y <3

UhOhSPAGET May 7, 11:31 PM

Soumu May 7, 12:15 AM
lmao now I feel bad for Sakaki

exploit his waifu material in a good way ;D

haha Haiji being a bad student just made my day. Yeah running the ekiden was the only thing is his mind for those 4 years. Kakeru being part of Aotake just made it worse for Haiji's grades. Not that it bothers Haiji. Though I'm amazed that he kept that to himself for all those years, about wanting to participate in the ekiden. He really planned on fooling everyone lol remember that innocent looking face of his when he helped Ouji moved in carrying those boxes? haha I bet he was like "oooohh another one I could exploit :D" Haiji must have thought Ouji was an easy target

Yeah guess I'll do that :3

Oh is that the dramatic scene where Sengoku caught Tatara when he broke down? <3

haha yeah he deserves to get hit XD lmao yeah when he tried to annoy Hyodo, that showed how dorky he was. His looks are definitely something :D

If not intense, then Hyodo just looks like he ain't interested in anything else lmao

Ah yes, would love to see him and Tatara compete :D if we're ever getting a second season

aww injured Hyodo. Thank god it ain't that serious :(

JoJo is so far entertaining! haha I'm glad I picked it up. Like you said, everything is indeed bizarre! Most of the scenes just got me dumbfounded really! lol from tasting someone's sweat to drinking someone's pee and oh I love the torture dance! I had to rewatch that several times! Though I was wincing at that fish hook caught on the guy's eyelid :3 I'm loving the gang so far. Full of idiots. I'm not sure who is the best boy yet. Who's your favourite? :D
Though one part I just dislike is when Kaji Yuki uses that one voice of his lol it just hurts my ears. Can't believe I had to hear that in the first episode
XracerGrid May 6, 11:54 AM