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Apr 25, 2013
After that 2011 earthquake incident in Japan, the staff must replace Waon and Seika to Ellen and Ako for another 2 Cures in Suite Pretty Cure, and many rates it as poor series, but I disagree. Because there's even more horrible series that forgets and reuse any idea in the previous franchise, Smile Pretty Cure.

Why I rate this series as horrible? Well, here's the reasons:

- Story: The staff forgets the questions they appeal in the previous episode. This was more broader because Royale Queen didn't know what's her relationship with Joker, and in Episode 48 Candy forgets that she is the new Royale Queen in read more
Jun 28, 2010
This is based by a novel by the same title. I don't know much, but in the novel has 15 volume! 10 in Youkai Navi Runa first series, 2 in Youkai Navi Runa II, and 3 again is in Shin Youkai Navi Runa.

I like this manga because the character is wonderful and very different! Check the novel and manga, you will know the difference. Anyways, go to the story!

Runa Rindou is Densetsu no ko (the legendary child) who her father is a human and her mother is a fox spiritual. With Mokke and Suneri, her servants, they went to many towns to search for Yuukyu read more