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Jul 3, 2017
My opinion is generally positive but I guess my enormous frustrations about the main character (Pacifica) won't be easily revoked. Review does include a slight spoiler to the nature of the ending, which I will mark with caps.

I enjoyed this anime more than I was hoping to. It was really decent and I have mostly positive attitude towards it. I was surprised reading that this seemingly fantasy anime had mecha in tags, but after few episodes I got to know why. It merges the genres surprisingly well. The pros would be:
- enjoyable characters (with one exception below)
- interesting storyline
- some amazing plot twists, which read more
Jul 3, 2015
Hey you, who stumbled across this title, read the description and hesitated: watch this anime!
Hey you, who watched first episode and dropped it: continue!

I listened to the advice written on other reviews here and I decided to watch it until 5-6 episode as an experiment, just to know if it would attract me. I certainly do not regret it. This anime was one of the most "didn't-see-it-coming" I've ever watched. It's a good fun even though the main theme might sound weird at first. Panties? Saving the world? Huh???

I don't want to get too much into storyline, but this anime will most certainly surprise you. read more