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Mar 21, 2014
This season is a marked improvement over the first, I actually enjoyed watching the characters develop and their interactions are a tad more believable. My main gripe carries over from last season and that is that this show is still very rapey at times which spoils the enjoyment of an otherwise funny love story.
Feb 7, 2014
So I started watching this on the strength of some recommendations that compared it to BAKUMAN.

Perhaps because I came to this series with a different expectation from most of the reviewers who gave this show a high rating, I really did not like the show. The relationships portrayed are unrealistic to say the least, and there is no lot to speak of, unlike NANA where the characters interact in a flawed but sympathetic way, Sekaiichi shows a collection of guys who seemingly have no concept of sexual harassment and with each kiss border on sexual assault. This is the characteristic of the seme (the read more