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Jan 31, 2018
To be honest I was a bit reluctant about reading this at first based from what I've saw (spoilers and reviews). But after giving it a shot, it was actually pretty well made and a decent read. Yes, the story is a bit depressing but in a way it's actually pretty hilarious.

While reading this, always keep an open mind and enjoy it rather than getting depress over something pointless. Yes, the main character always does something stupid and that's why it's actually funny, stop putting yourself on his shoes and just enjoy the ride and you'd probably find this as a well written work.

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Nov 21, 2014
The manga was really great and enjoyable. It's more or less just your typical harem series where the females get attracted to the main protagonist and have their closure after a while. What really was bothering me was one of the main heroine(Aoi) not having her closure at all. I mean she is one of the main characters from the beginning and having her disappear suddenly is really a big shock.

The tragic factor is not as great as I thought but that's what keeps me reading the entire manga. Too bad it was not much of a development as I have hoped it will.

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