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May 9, 2021
Visions of Frank is one of the most visually striking and boldest anime ever made, and it's an absolute must-watch for fans of alternative media.

Each episode contains its own short story, featuring the same characters in all of them, but are told with completely different art styles and tones. Seeing the sharp contrast between each story is what makes the OVA so consistently fresh and engaging.

Episode 2 is completely nonsensical in a hypnotizing sort of way. Episodes 4 and 6 are surreal and mind-melting, yet intensely captivating and mesmerizing. And episodes 5 and 9 are genuinely creepy in a way that only alternative media like ...
Dec 26, 2020
Ai Yazawa, known mostly for Paradise Kiss and Nana, has been a prolific figure in the world of shoujo manga for decades with her mature themes and more realistic approach to character development. Gokinjo Monogatari was my introduction to her.

What initially drew me to watch this show was the very unique art style. Everything is done completely with flat colors which made me think of '70s cartoons. It's definitely a peculiar look, but fits the show to a tea. There's a perfect balance between being tastefully retro and progressively modern. Thankfully nothing is really lost with having such beautiful artwork either. It's similar to Sailor ...
Dec 11, 2020
It may seem strange at first to make an anime adaptation of a game that was released over 25 years ago, but it makes a lot more sense with context. Spelunker on the Famicom is a very notorious game in Japan for how easy it is to die. You literally cannot drop 2 feet without dying mid-air, à la Action 52. How do you make an anime with a weak protagonist like that? Make him a scrawny teacher, of course!

Spelunker Sensei is reminiscent of classic web animation with its sense of humor and pacing. Me putting it that way could lead you to believe that ...
Oct 12, 2020
Ongaku (Anime) add
Ongaku is a passion project created almost single-handedly by Kenji Iwaisawa over the course of 7 years and is my pick for anime of the year.

"Beauty in simplicity" best describes the ethos of Ongaku. Every aspect from the minimalistic character designs to the blunt and incredibly straight forward script compliment each other and culminate to this strong sense of confidence in the film. That confidence in turn creates this aura of inspiration and optimism. Goes to show that you don't need a huge all-star team or deep writing to create something special. Sometimes all you need is a strong vision and tenacity.

Creating anything as a ...
Aug 30, 2020
Atmosphere is one of the most important components when crafting a good show. If a show has weak or inappropriate atmosphere, it can potentially tarnish any chance of having emotional resonance with the audience, even if the script and acting are great. There are some anime fans that have a hard time enjoying a lot of horror anime for this very reason, because some of the scenes that were meant to be scary can come off as comedic instead if done poorly.

Then you have those rare shows which have a certain aura to them. Maybe the characters are a bit corny and the plot isn’t ...
Jun 24, 2020
Flying Luna Clipper is the single greatest thing to ever grace humanity. This movie about a group of fruit & vegetable people will make you laugh, have you in awe, and make yourself question whether it’s actually legal or not to own the movie. Let’s get right into it!

This OVA was directed and written by Ikko Ono. Who is that? I have no idea. He was seemingly born just to make this one movie and then blipped off the map completely. I only mention him because there’s a similar sort of mystique to the film itself. It was practically lost to time until someone found ...
May 8, 2020
If there’s anything worse than a bad sequel, it’s a disappointing one. Nothing about Clear Card is overtly offensive or insulting. It just sort of… exists in a weird space of its own. It has all the characters you love and remember doing their usual shenanigans. In a lot of ways, Clear Card just feels like an extension of the classic original, and after all, isn’t that what a second season is supposed to do? Well, yeah, but… let me try and explain.

The series starts with a beautiful opening performed by Maaya Sakamoto, who did the third and final opening for the original, which was ...
Oct 6, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Mahou no Chocolate is a simple 8 minute short film about a girl who wants to give her Valentine's Day chocolates to a boy she likes. That is it. With a bland premise like that, how could this film possibly be worth watching when there are hundreds of deeper and more experimental short films out there? Well, let's find out.

As someone who grew up in the '00s, I spent a lot of my youth watching Flash animations on Newgrounds and YouTube. The thing that always drew me to these animations was the sense of passion and personality. Mahou no Chocolate is precisely that - a ...
Nov 18, 2018
What does it mean to be happy? Some people would tell you that being rich or famous is their ultimate dream. Now that could be true for a lot of people, but for me, however; self-acceptance is my one true wish.

Growing up can be an awkward and intimidating process for some of us. I'm sure that we have all done or said some things in the past that we look back on in regret or embarrassment, so when you get thrown into this cruel and unforgiving world where social norms are prevalent and people are very critical of you, the thought of having people finding ...

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