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Jan 4, 2019

Yes, this is where that meme came from. Other than that, it's just standard and mostly similar to other robo-fighter animes that were being spilled out to attract little boys during this time period.

That doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. Might be a bit boring for people who are not into this stuff. To be quite honest, I don't think extensive analysis is even needed in this anime.

Of course, I couldn't watch 48 fucking episodes of this thing. Watch episode 3. It's where the meme is.

Eh. Again, seven is just there. but it could go down to six, even.

It's a standard art style read more
Jan 4, 2017
This anime is based on the hentai doujin manga "Mahou Shoujo" by artist raita.

This is a parody to all the magical girl hentai doujin mangas. Hot magical girls fight against whole bunch of tentacle creatures. Yet there is no tentacle rape or strange vore scene you see all the time in other magical girl hentai animes.

This is a Preview anime to the doujin manga: more like a "yo, check this out," kinda thing. It's a mere 6 minutes long anime with one episode. And this just had the things I expected it to have and nothing more. To be honest, I want to give this read more