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Sep 19, 2015
Note: This review will cover both seasons. tl;dr at the bottom.

The word "hype" is very interesting. When a new movie, book, videogame or (in our case) anime is announced, "hype" will show his ugly face sooner or later. Maybe "hype" shows up because of who is making the piece, or maybe because is an adaptation and the fanboys don't seem able to keep their mouths shut. "Hype" is usually very dangerous, specially within the anime community, because there's a high chance that a series or movie won't live up to it. It is also true, however, that unless you live under a rock or in read more
Jun 17, 2015
Note: I ain't no english speaker

Welcome to MAL where a mediocre and predictable tear-jerking/slice of life/ comedy series is ranked 100 spots over NGE. The magical place where fanboys will defend their favorite crappy anime just so a bunch of pretentious teenagers that think that they are intellectual can complain about their shitty taste and make fun of them (oh wai--)

If after reading that paragraph you are not quite sure what is my opinion about Angel Beats! then let's get down to the proper review.

I cannot bash this anime on this particular aspect as it has top-notch animation combined with beautiful art. It was read more
Jun 11, 2015
Note: I ain't no english speaker

Madoka Magica is overrated. That being said, Madoka Magica is a great anime. I have watched this anime several times analyzing and taking into consideration all the aspects that compose its essence, substance and style. Due to this analysis I've been able to reach different conclusions regarding what aspects of Madoka Magica make it a great anime, and in which aspects this anime fails miserably. Before hating, please I encourage you to read this review carefully.

On this point I am pretty sure that nobody will argue with me: Madoka Magica is visually amazing and sounds beautiful.
The overall art style read more
Jun 9, 2015
NOTE: I ain't no english speaker

A friend of mine reccommended me Maid-Sama! and since I was planing on watching it anyway I decided to go along and get to it. I had a mix of expectations. On one hand I knew that this was going to be just another highschool rom-com with tear-jerking and melodrama. On the other hand the premise seemed more interesting than most and the overall charm of the anime hooked me. In any case, I was expecting an enjoyable watch.

I must gladly say that my expectations were not only fulfilled, but the anime managed to impress me.

The production is simple, read more
May 22, 2015
NOTE: I ain't no english speaker.

When you doing something you gotta put your heart in it. You gotta give your soul and your body to it, specially when you want to be "original" or when you want to do something else than just picking a profit. This is particularly true in anime. If you, as an "anime maker" want to just make money or make something that sells because you do need money to live that's fine, and you pick the easy way by doing a shonentard, moeshit or simple pandering. But once in a while I think that every "anime maker" thinks "I want read more
May 4, 2015

Note: I am no english speaker

Note: Finished the serie. It got better, I'll admit but 3 worth episodes do not compensate the whole shitness of the anime.

"Your lie in April"? More like "Your overrated anime in April". Am I right?!

*Awkward silence*

Let me start off by saying this: I did not enjoy Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

As you can imagine I, being a classical music enthusiast and a big fan of Clannad (although some reviewers would have a word on that), was pretty excited about this anime and along with the hype I went and I watched long as I could read more
Jan 25, 2015
Note: I ain't no english speaker

Everyone is connected

I recently finished one of the most iconic and groundbreaking anime in history. Honestly is very difficult to write a review as my brain is trying to recover from the mind-melting experience of watching Serial Experiments Lain, but I am going to do my best.

SEL is all about making you think. While other anime want to simply amuse you, SEL tries to connect with you and tries to create some kind of "bond" between you and your conscious, pretty much what NGE and GhitS do (or try to). SEL uses (and abuses) your intelligence and your darkest feelings read more