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Feb 1, 2018
This anime really is a lost jewel in its genre. The magic of its scenario transcends time (alright, it is quite pompous but still!).

Scenario : 7/10

A father wanders through space (and troubles) and involves his children inadvertently and tries to make peace with them, while trying to protect an Orbital Frame (yeah, a mecha) and to find his wife that was supposed to be deceased.

Art : 8/10

The anime is drawn in a realistic manner that didn't age at all. I really enjoyed it, no flashy colours, no exaggerated features, maybe lacking some emotions

Sound : 9/10

The OST is incredible. There are some really dark tracks read more
Jan 27, 2018
Story : This. Is. Incredible. After the Earth was destroyed, humanity has fled in the depths of space. But their enemies, the alien species Gaunas, are coming to kill what's left of them. A squad is in charge of destroying them but will they make it ?
The story knows exactly how to bring you to tears or joy or any other feeling. Although this was [minor spoiler] quite a tear bringer [/spoil]. Can't describe any further without spoil.

Art : The not-3D-but-kind-of is weird. Though characters appear in 3D, the colours stay even, even on the edges, on the folds of the bodies. Really disturbing and read more
Nov 16, 2017
A-Girl (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story 7/10 : I absolutely didn't get a damn thing about the story but I had an overall impression of cuteness and sadness about this love story.

Art 8/10 : Nothing to say considering the age of the anime. Reminded me of Aishite Night mostly because of the chara I guess.

Sound 10/10: The music is a real tear-bringer, seriously.

Character 8/10 : We didn't have much time to get to know the characters but fair enough for a single 25-minute episode. The characters were way to similar but it's a common problem for almost every romance anime from the 90s

But damn, I need an explanation of this read more
Dec 22, 2015
This review is both in ENGLISH and FRENCH.

I took advantage of today's broadcasting on NRJ12 (French 12th channel) of Arriety to watch it.

Story : 7/10

A sympathetic cute story about a sick boy who discovers the existence of some tiny people living under the family home. The story is pretty simple, no need to be complicated to make a beautiful story by the way. But I found it lacks of developments, maybe because the movie is only 90 min long but you easily get in. However the scenario is pretty unique since it is not the standard hero that goes saving everybody in the freakin' world but read more