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Feb 20, 2017
STORY:-An average boy receives one day a special camera from a mysterious, massively-endowed girl in a bunny suit. This camera has the ability to make any girl photographed with it unbearably horny, deepening their erotic agony with each picture you take. And when the sexual tension finally boils over, the only way to quench these uniformed vixens' thirst is by having them service you with their enormous breasts!
CHARACTERS:-Minamo Ootori is my WAIFU.She has pink hair,blue eyes and voluptuous body.She has an ADORABLE,yet AIRHEAD personality.She looks exactly like Mio Kisaki from Walkure Romanze.Natsumi Kyouhouji is a downright TSUNDERE,but her personality is LIKEABLE.She looks like Noel Marres read more