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Nov 21, 2018
This manga generally tells about friendship, sacrifice, betrayal and remorse.
It all started when "they killed someone five years ago".

When talking about this manga I can't dismiss the conclusions of the story, so expect to be careful there will be spoilers.
This didn't work out as I had hoped, but from the start I knew the story would go there. Someone commented badly, but there were some things I disagreed with.

The premise is still interesting from the beginning to the end, a tension, though unfortunately it doesn't use tricks so the story really has a climax.
I honestly don't like it when there is a "love" that grows read more
Oct 13, 2018
I can't come up with a proper answer. It's kinda contradictory, between love and hate relationships about this one.
I like the fact that the term "thirst for blood" is presented as a disease. There is no connection with vampires and so on. But, that is not the whole subject of the problem. This tells a pair of sister and brother who are locked up in their nests with mysterious diseases.
You don't get anything other than those that are in the spotlight, even the information behind them is pressed as little as possible. The dark and miserable side can be described beautifully without being too melodramatic.
I read more
Sep 14, 2018
Am I the only think that this series is so underrated?

We must first know that this is a gag manga, SEINEN is clearly not for children under 17 years. Don't compare this with Gintama. Don't expect this is a light reading that can be consumed raw.

The initial concept that was brought alone was heavy, there was a mixture of information on various unique cultures and mythology that were presented as simply as possible so that it would be easier to enjoy it. Adult comedy, not forgetting the satirical element, I can't recommend this to just anyone.

I didn't find a mistake in this manga, everything was read more
Sep 14, 2018
Better than Bokuben in terms of tutor-student relationship and study together. One of the best Harem I've ever read.

I rarely read shounen harem because most of them have boring plots, many dull fanservices with weak execution, there is nothing else except for fun. I'm a bit subjective in this matter, even though I'm a girl I don't like reverse-harem too. But don't worry, I'm here to give what makes this series worth reading from many harems out there. As subjective as possible without expressing hatred.

5-toubun no Hanayome presents a unique concept, this is the key why this series is very exciting to follow. Even though read more
Mar 31, 2018
An unusual love story between student-student relationship. About a girl suddenly confessed to a boy in the train station. That’s it? No.

I have read many shit shoujo mangas out here. This one has really interesting premise. It has quite simple environment set up, everyday school life story but well-build as a whole and more complex.
In few first chapters, the setting located in the train station. I can say that the train station used as basic/starting line to build up some necessary point then changed to school which is become the environment I like so far.
Main selling, and major point in this manga is, read more
Mar 22, 2018
The true darkness of vampires beings..that’s Vanitas no Carte for you.

WARNING : Maybe contain a spoiler. And don’t forget..pardon me, if my grammar is sucks.
I could say this is one of the best manga about vampire all of time. Everything comes from the same place, the greater existence of the book of Vanitas. How the tragedy keeps rolling, the dark past about vampires and inner conflicts between themselves; those pieces will swallow up you inside. The well-known author of Pandora Hearts is comeback with another dark story.

You can see clearly from the summary without I need to explain it. It has fresh start, read more
Feb 15, 2018
Looking for the journey of space which is exciting and pump up your adrenaline?
Then, Kanata no Astra is your answer.

Kanata no Astra has a unique way to show the enjoyment for those who read it without heavy atmosphere. They lost in space and must survive in it.
The author is really well-known with his long-running gag and touching series, Sket Dance. And I’m one of those people who is excited because he is comeback with new series. It ends in 5 volumes only, but it really is worth your time.
At first, I’m afraid to try, because I don’t really like space themes read more
Feb 11, 2018
My youth reading series, that's why I'm here..
I think this is not a strange title anymore, one of the biggest series like Itazura na Kiss which is internationally widely known to have Korean and Taiwanese drama adaptations.

P/s : Sorry my sucks grammar.


You know, I kinda have love and hate towards this series. Very, very much. In fact I had hesitated to try to read it again because the exaggerated development of its stories in the previous series. I'm seriously dead tired, it's like I'm watching drama.
BUT, if I stay this far it doesn't mean not out of the minus value. They have, read more
Dec 16, 2017
Note : I'm not native speaker so bear with the sentence which grammatically incorrect.

Bored with mediocre love story? Need a new atmosphere? Then it is quite advisable to taste Kaoru Mori's works. She's the one who can give a new wind with a pretty interesting perspective.
One of the first big problems I encountered was, some people argue, including my friends when I suggested this, they judge only from the very first try because the age gap between them. To clarify the distance between Karluk and Amira, I think it is normal. In Asia which the traditional culture works more like a norm, get married at read more
Dec 10, 2017
Note : I'm not native speaker so bear with the sentence which grammatically incorrect.

A little small flashback of experience from me :
I'm one of those people who is 'almost' abandoned/dropped this series. If I remember correctly, the very first time I read this was early 2017. I immediately feel that this series would be axed. I really feel that way, like each week the next chapter would be the last.
First, I don't like the title, “Blade of Demon Destruction”. This manga gives historical and fantasy vibes, so it's not the best title nor cool either. But, I will put that aside because this manga gives read more