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Nov 9, 2019
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
Clannad manages to take viewers through tearful moments while also maintaining an overall light-hearted atmosphere. The show starts off with a cynical tone, as we listen to Okazaki's monologue filled with resentment, but any remaining bitterness quickly vanishes as the scene switches to him walking to school alongside sakura trees, accompanied with carefree music in the background. He notices a girl murmuring to herself, trying to work up the courage to go to school. The instant he breaks into her conversation, the scene climaxes through the music and the sakura leaves, portraying an auspicious fateful encounter for new beginnings.

It might sound strange for Clannad to read more
Oct 6, 2019
Writing as a former member of a high school string orchestra, I was moved by Hibike!. Hibike! pits a group of determined wind ensemble high schoolers against the stark realities that one would expect to find in any high school orchestra, such as dealing with peers who aren't as invested in the orchestra (due to prioritizing academics or lack of ambition). From a no-name high school they set off to try to win the nationals in Japan.

There is something moving about seeing these boys and girls (mostly girls) sacrifice their youth and academics for a common aspiration. This is partially an observation about how read more
May 18, 2016
Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
Basically refashioning cliche anime tropes mixed good art and sound.

They took a lot of liberty with the cliche anime parts, such as the childhood friend that becomes lover, oh and another one, oh and another one , and on top of that a key and lock that symbolizes their friendship and promise for each other. And I don't say liberty with a compliment, more like indulging.

Colorful art with good looking characters, with a really forced plot to make the two main characters stuck with each other, and a very predictable development of how their fake love relationship would turn out in the end. read more
May 1, 2013
This anime can be described by one word: self-insertion.

That's right. If you are looking for a wish-fulfillment character that you can ogle and admire, you've come to the right place. This anime has everything for that, good art, sound. Those with an escapist deriving pleasure will like this.

Now, for those viewers who want to find meaning in their mediums, who want to identify with characters, sorry you will be disappointed. With this anime being a 25-episode only adaptation of an extensive light novel, its quite apparent that there will be lots of cherry-picking in scenes, and that the anime developers were mostly interested read more