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Aug 8, 2018
This anime did a great job at making you want to cry almost every episode, but that is also the problem with this anime. Generally by the end of a story you want to feel some sense of satisfaction or happiness. The negative emotions this story greatly outweighed the positive. The writer was trying to give you a sense of moving on from these feelings of sadness after someones death. but it didn't work for me.

The writer did a great job at making you feel empathy towards most of the characters in the story. but there were to many sad moments and not enough happy read more
Aug 3, 2018
This anime started off really good but ended really poorly. I enjoyed a lot of the characters in the story. I really liked the magic design of the world initially. The main story was extremely enjoyable for the first 60-70% of the anime.

the story telling took a really bad turn during the last episodes. It's hard to explain what went wrong in the last episodes without spoiling anything. but to me it just felt like the world that the writer established just fell apart by the last episode, and it almost felt like the characters who were well developed before lost their identity. There was read more
Dec 10, 2016
I liked the artwork and fight scenes in this anime and i really liked to appearance of the characters. but unfortunately that doesn't make up for the bad story.

The big problem comes from the way the story is structured. At the beginning of the story it feels like the writer was trying to make it a slice of life anime mixed with mecha fighting and it just felt very awkward. the personality of the main characters were never really developed properly. They just introduced far to many characters. and split the dialogue between to many characters at once. not giving you enough time to feel read more
Nov 23, 2016
The comedy was enjoyable, and the characters were likable. But the way the story was structured was a little bit awkward. Everything In Konosuba revolved around into trying to turn everything into comedy. And the problem with this is it just killed any sort of drama or action in the story. Which was very unusual because you can tell that the writer was trying to make these dramatic scenes But then instead of making them dramatic they just turned a big scary enemy attacking the city, into a joke that you couldn't even take seriously. All the main characters in this read more
Nov 4, 2016
The artwork, animations and character designs were all very well done. The fighting scenes were also very good. But the story had some really strange pacing problems. The first few episodes felt very rushed. It felt strange because each episode was jumping around from one giant battle to the next. It just felt like they didn't leave enough space for the characters to develop their relationships early on. They keep throwing more and more characters at you each episode. and this makes it very difficult to relate to many of the characters because they have these rushed introductions, and there are just so many read more
Nov 1, 2016
Re: Zero has a very well developed world and a lot of interesting character designs. I really like the lore of the world. And i liked a lot of the side characters in the series. Most of the personalities of the characters were good in this story. But i really disliked the main character Subaru.
I understand it is important for a character be flawed but Subaru takes this to the extreme. He constantly manipulates the characters around him to solve everything for him. when we reach the scenes where he is supposed to come to a realization of what he was doing read more