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Sep 6, 2015
A little late for the review for this series? No?

"When every life meets another lifes, something will be born"

Tbh, I watched this one occasionally when it was just released, mostly only for the league. Now I watched the whole series and tried to watch the filler too. Before, I like this series because of Paul (Shinji) and Ash (Satoshi)'s chemistry, but now I like it more and more. And the quote above is really the whole plot of this series.

I am a Pokemon fan for a long time, frankly speaking it would be my whole life, I'm now 18 and I watched it when I read more
May 10, 2015
I don't have any interest in soccer, neither having a reason to watch a kiddy anime while I'm, in fact, 17 years old, especially I like the dark, action theme animes instead of sport and light-hearted shows. My first meeting with IE was when someone used Fubuki Fanart as signature and it looked really beautiful ( I was deceived lol). My first thought was "WTF is this, so ridiculous" when watching IE GO. And yet, I was hooked by it, watched the whole IE GO series, and then watched IE. I would say, I love IE more than its sequel.

I didn't expect a sport series read more
Apr 20, 2015
I have read the manga till the latest chapter. Tbh, I don't really remember much about this Arc in the manga, since it was 4 years ago. When I heard about this anime is being released, my reaction is probably like other manga fans: "Wow, I'm glad. But I'm scared". Yes, I was afraid that the legendary A-1 Studio would ruin this series again with their "impressive endings and plot" (I'm looking at you, season 2). However, until this point, I have nothing to complain about it anymore. They are faithful to manga. You don't know how happy I am with this.

To old fans, read more
Apr 5, 2015
Okay, so...I never intend to make a review for this, because of how little of time I'm having now; but seeing all the reviews so far are all so bad and mostly don't even pass 5, I need to write one for this.

Let me ask you one question: What's the theme of this anime? Let's stop a moment and think back.

Maybe because of the way it's directed, you lost track of the important messenger that Aoki wants us to understand: What's the cause of war, and how to prevent it.

The show simply shows it to us through the story of 3 main characters: Inaho, read more
Sep 1, 2014
The first thing probably across your mind when seeing the cover would be "How beautiful". Yes, that is also my though whenever I see Aki's work.

Her drawing is artistic, but reading it is also an art as well. This is not a normal, cliche story about "good, loyal servants wants to protect the king". In some aspects, maybe it is, but to me, it's not. Throughout the story, the focus isn't about the voice or the murder, but actually the characters. "Aruosumente" means "Sage's dream", a trial that help a person to foresee the future. However, the main stage is the present, and then the read more
Sep 1, 2014
I watched 4 seasons without even playing the game in real life, but I do understand the rules and enjoy the fights though. We get new rule for every season, and this one is no exception. Now we get something so dazzling, which is called "Legion MATE". Okay, just the word choice is so weird, and the word "mate" is being repeated again and again whenever characters talk about Aichi - our forgotten protagonist. Well, I'm sure you will get used to it, just like I did.

Please note that this anime, or the whole series, is there for the purpose of promoting cardgame and selling read more
Aug 31, 2014
I don't know if I have any other score but 8 to judge everything in this anime. It's a good anime, but not outstanding either.

It's a continuation of Hamatora and it picked up things right away after that disturbing ending in season 1. Less comedies and humorous cases, more main plot. Now Art - our friendly, sweet police officer becomes antagonist and ready to kill Nice - our main protagonist anytime. It sounds so cliche, but also entertaining and evokes our curiosity. Although, sometimes I can't help but laugh at Art's action, wanting to kill but running away when he definitely has chance to read more
Nov 6, 2013
Danball Senki Wars's targets are kids so no wonder that there aren't many people are watching this. However, it's truly a hidden gem that actually has a nice story and deveplopment.

For the story, I give 9. The story starts off very simple: a hot-blooded boy who has a big dream of becoming a pro LBXs player goes to the school and meets his friends. It's very kiddy, but at the same time, you can feel the competition inside the school and its seriousness. It really gives off an armosphere that they are really in War. However, after a douze of episodes, the story starts changing read more