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May 28, 2024
Ping Pong the Animation showed the struggle on loving something, and forgetting why you loved it.

The anime walks us through the life of Makoto Tsukimoto (Smile) and Yutaka Hoshino (Peco) who are obsessed with Ping Pong. But sometimes when you love something for too long, you forget how you got there and why you even do in the first place. Follow these two journeys through the wins, loses, practicing until you puke and learning that by saying it thrice a hero will enter when you need them the most.

Although I loved the anime, I'll be giving it a 8/10 for two things:
The animation; I personally ...
Apr 1, 2024
What an enjoyable watch!

"A sign of Affection" is a unique Shoujo Manga about Yuki Itose, a young girl living her everyday life never hearing a single sound in her life. By chance, she meets a man named Itsuomi Nagi on train trying to explain to him that she can't hear. As a man who loves to connect through language, he begins to get interested in her. But this isn't just a one sided interest. Both of them begin to want to learn more about each-other. How they see the world, favourite foods, hobbies and themselves.

You get too see Yuki's world slowly grow, see the difficulties ...
Jan 25, 2024
This review will be based off of being able to consistently watch all the episodes together (Part 1 and 2 together).

We get to watch Senkuu and the gain overcome the stone world using modern technology to fly, develop crops/agriculture, machines to dig for minerals and of course transportation that can take you across the world. With a new Science team formed, they take everyone on an adventure to find more ways to develop the revival fluid.
On their adventures, they're always prepared for the unexpected. But when they reach the island where the past astronauts started it all, they run into a little trouble with a ...
Jan 11, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Finally caught up on Ancient Magus Bride S2 P2!

Loved the continuation of Chise Hatori's life, and getting to see Elias Ainsworth in an uncomfortable setting. But as I suspected, the season felt a little boring/dragged-out multiple times throughout both parts. Not sure if it's because its a school setting, or the pressure of having to feel empathic towards all the new characters who've made an impact in Chise's new school life.

I loved the happy ending, but wish we got there faster... and with a lot less questions that'll need to be dragged into the new season/chapter they've announced "The Fiendlane".

The animation wasn't not worthy as ...
Sep 27, 2023
Season two has come to a close, and is leaving me wanting more!

Continuing from season one, we get a deeper dive into the lives of the main cast. With romantic twists all around, getting to understand why certain characters act the way they do and how their current struggles are actually helping them pull forward and try even harder the next day.

Although most of the animation is CGI, it gives the anime even more character and makes it stand out in the crowd. OST gets stuck in my head after episode. Lastly, I'm always hoping for the best for our young duke Viktor for he's ...
Jul 29, 2023
A series I've been holding off on for awhile, because I knew I would absolutely love it. Let's get into it.

In this peaceful kingdom, two odd balls exist. Kage, the last of his kind and then the first Prince Bojji. With using each other intentionally every day too feel a sense of peace, the two grow unconditionally close to each other.
Then when trouble stirs up in the kingdom, these two are sent on a quest to become stronger for self growth and learning how important courage is when fighting yours fears.

The world that's been built in this series was beautiful. There might've been some holes ...
Jul 26, 2023
A sweet BL to have a soft cry, laughs and heart throbs too.

We open with Shun Hashimoto, always looking the way of a boy who stays by himself by the water. Although he does hold concern for the boy, he has a lot more interest in him then just his well being. With try and try again, the two end up getting closer and learn about one another. Unfortunately, the quiet boy by the water needs to depart from their small island, but leaving a promise to come back in the future when he becomes an adult.

The years flew by in the flash of an ...
Jul 25, 2023
Koroshi Ai (Anime) add
An anime that looked absolutely tempting in the trailers, turned out to be a completed utter bust. Let's get into it.

Chateau Dankworth is working yet another day as a Bounty Hunter, and runs into a suspicious man on one of her jobs who gladly states him name is Ryang-ha Song. Ryang-ha has Cahteau right under his thumb, and if she wants to live another day then she'll have... go on a date with him.

I would've usually loved this troupe ("I don't want to go on a date with the suspicious guy, wait he's actually sweet, I love how soft he is on the inside, he'll ...
Jul 24, 2023
Being a student is stressful as it is, but being a student who can't get a wink of sleep at night is utter chaos. The sound of the newspaper boy, shutter doors slamming, dogs barking and the morning alarming telling you too move when you haven't even slept. Nakami Ganta seems to be the only one in his world in this situation, and thanks to his cranky attitude due to lack of sleep no one seems to care about his position.

Even after sleepless nights, being ordered around by his classmates and teachers telling him how to run his life, he still follows the rules and ...
Jul 15, 2023
An adorable, light-hearted BL about two men who work in an office with completely different statures on the office latter.

Minegishi is your typical hard-working, wonderfully built and charismatic guy in the office. He attracts everyone with his smile, approachable speech and of course easy to please face. On the other hand, we have the wonderful Otsu thats almost the completed opposite of him. He's popular for how hard he works, but because of his large appearance people generally treat him in a harsher way then the pretty boys. Although he's a sweet guy, he doesn't show his true thoughts and emotions which can make him ...

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