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Mar 18, 2009
If you were a fan of the 1st set of OVAs then you'll find no problems with the 2nd (for the most part anyways).

Once again the" Tenchi magic" is put out on display in all its glory, but this time instead of fiery-hot action packed battles (of the space and sword kind), we focus on character development and getting to know some of our favorite Tenchi girls.

Sadly, this 2nd series does end on a cliffhanger and the 3rd series will only disappoint you... but I digress and encourage anyone who liked the 1st series to enjoy this one, because it may be the last time ...
Mar 18, 2009
Mixed Feelings
For me, as well as for many of the other Tenchi fans out there... this third series of OVAs did nothing but disappoint.

The long awaited final set of episodes only leaves a so-so impression on its long time fans... and would hardly be enough to cultivate new ones. Only long time fans such as myself would bother to sit through these average episodes... and that can only be credited to the greatness of the first and second set of OVAs.
Mar 18, 2009
The prevalent younger age demographic of today's anime viewer may not be familiar with this classic title... but for the slightly older fan this series brings back the memories.

Like the many generic" harem animes" studios seem to spit out every season... this series too has an unlikely hero who suddenly finds himself surrounded by a multitude of hot babes... but that is the only common factor that this classic shares with its modern brethren of failures.

This series is an example of a harem done right with enough story and action to propel it into the category of "something special."
Mar 18, 2009
Originally, Higurashi was an anime I avoided... I had heard some people rave about it and was about to check out the series when the second season was in the middle of its airing... but then I came across a "certain news article"... and thus, once again, I squeamishly ran away from this title.

Man oh man... boy was I missing out on something great. I have to admit, the first season was a bit much for me (especially the Shion arc...) but what was developing had me go into marathon mode.
Mar 13, 2009
FLCL (Anime) add
To explain the premise of this series and have the reader fully understand the greatness of the show would indeed be a feat to behold... but, rather than bog you down with the insanity that is the Furi Kuri universe... I'll just say this... At its core, it's about a boy growing up.

Enjoy the wacky characters, awesome soundtrack, and forget about being bound by logic, just enjoy the ride... because it'll be over before you know it.