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Jun 6, 2017
So once again i see a series i like with no reviews so i have to come in, and give the series is props on how even with some cliches a series can be very enjoyable.

Story - 7

This manga is about a teenage guy (shockers i know) who finds out on his birthday that he is an incubus, and by kissing people of specific genders transforms into that said specific gender.

Ok so its not that unique, but its the little quirks that make it fun like the best friends who want to be more than friends, and the stupid guides that he has to show read more
May 3, 2017
Ok so someone has to write about this series

Story 7 -

This manga is about a guy who uses a scroll from his grandpa to give him the power to combat demons in an attempt to survive a delinquent school, however instead this gives him the magical ability to charm all delinquent girls to fall madly in love with him. Ok so the story is not the best, but there is one reason i find this story great: Its like a Tsundere story that isn't complete ass mixed with Yandere harem, like every girl in this harem is a badass in some way but you read more
Mar 15, 2017
This is a typical Harem manga through, and through. But it isn't that long so it does not drag, and it throws something new in when it starts to lose focus making it above all the bad harem.

Story - 6

Generic as hell, but i like the fact that the main character can die if he isn't in contact with the girls at all times which does at urgency at points which speeds up the plot compared to the trash out there.

Art - 6

I love this art style personally because its balanced while also looking over the top buxom, but i am a sucker for read more
Mar 15, 2017
I want to like you, but you are so generic, and so slow. This is one of those anime you pick up because you thought "maybe i will like it now" and then it just fades into obscurity until you drop it to watch something more interesting.

I can't be the only one who hates the harem where no girl stands a chance, it is so rarely done right despite how many series do it, i find that promotional material actually plays a huge role in this, because it does not matter in the end because the cover girl will win or we will get read more