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Jul 14, 2018
ok so i read this around a week ago, but ill try my best to remember what went down. i would really recommend this mangaka, if you enjoy a realistic twist to the massive amount of boys love

story- 7

the story is nothing special. it starts off a bit blunt, which i didn't like, but it doesn't stay like that, and (thankfully) doesn't involve any rape, which you might have thought from the beginning.

art- 6

i didn't actually like the art that much, it was a bit ugly to look at, but(!!!!!) that's just since i really enjoy the art in some of the read more
Feb 24, 2018
ever thought "damn why tf all mc grils so shite in manga thats not the mainstream ones. why cant i find a good mc, THAT CHOOSES THE RIGHT GOD DAMN BOI, YOU VAIN SHIT!!!" well well well, look no further. for the girl in this manga is a qt pie.

story- 7/10

soooooo i enjoyed the story. this is quite a short manga so not much happened but i felt quite satisfied by the ending with the wrestling and love.


this is just my taste but i dont enjoy people calling other people ugly (mc) when shes drawn cute... the popular guy is ugly and shit but read more
Feb 28, 2017
wow omg i've never read such a manga with so poor art like this manga is a massive knee slapper there were so many scenes that i just laughed at from how ridiculous they were only because the art was so pitiful and stupid i loved it but it still has big bad points

egh unbelievable is the best word to describe the story like i find it very unlikely (spoiler but why should you care when its this obvious) that this man that wheres a suit to work(but he works at a shopping center or something???) would like such a bland "cute"(no.) boy and then read more
Feb 28, 2017
23:45 (Manga) add (All reviews)
agh i thought this had a lot of potential and was really excited for the ending but got disappointed

story: 8
the story is obviously what excited me i thought it was gonna be a tragedy but then after the twist i thought it would slowly develop and be really emotional but idek why the mangaka chose that ending its honestly such a pity

the art is good for shounen ai which i say quite often but there are a lot of ugllyyyyy boy love and its so unappealing' the only bad point is that the glasses boy or whatever has too big eyes and a read more
Feb 23, 2017
Youshou (Anime) add (All reviews)
midnight strike force is one heck of a hentai but only since of its humorous dub, i would have never had an interest in it if the dub wasn't done in such a comedic manner i didn't watch the sub but i doubt this was the official script' it was quite hard to find the dub but then i just searched up "youshou dub" and it came up (yay), i was quite pleasantly surprised this hadn't had a review already and i feel privileged to be able to write the first review of this on mal

so basically it had a pretty complex (for a read more
Feb 11, 2017
ah my now this was surprising to me not because it was good more because it wasn't good

dull doy collapses meets attractive boy finds out hes being possessed by the hot guys dead gf

the art is actually ok compared to some other boy love manga but then again boy love has a history of disgusting art

i didn't enjoy this the problem was it wasn't done correctly you see each chapter was boring oh my god i cant even comprehend this like the dude would wake up like 3 times a chapter would go home and think then he just suddenly developed read more
Sep 7, 2016
now i feel privileged to be the first to review this, this hentai is actually really god damn good

the story is about some literal 10 year old looking boy getting forced to take pics of the girls swimming team and after like 5 mins hes penetrated this buff looking short haired girl and damn is it satisfying to watch aha, now the second episode is the whole situation from the other girl, then its about the shota boi and the buff girl on a date so it gets a 10/10

the art is pretty fantastic like hhhhhhh the muscles look so gewd ahaha so itas gets read more
Sep 7, 2016
i saw there was no reviews for this so i wanted to share what i thought of this long named hentai.

the story is about... some well respected girl who has a hidden obsession with you guessed it... sex yay, then some guy comes along and i guess black mails her into unleashing her nymphomania to the school
i guess the story isn't that bad i'm just bored of the highly respected females actually being sex crazed psychos so i would give it a 6/10

the art is pretty good so its a 8/10

the sound was actually ok y'know like she talked dirty which is always a pleasure read more
Aug 9, 2016
oh this hentai. so i only watched this hentai to make a review since it is such a disgusting thing to watch
now you may be like "thats so rude to the fans" if i ever come across someone who likes this i am going to avoid them for the rest of my life.
this hentai has some horrific scenes.
i guess the story is some girl is doing something for god and its basically a gangbang/orgy and her friend comes to save her but then also gets fucked.

i really hope this anime turns popular since it really is one of a kind.
the only read more
Jun 26, 2016
absolutely recommend to anyone and every one who likes prepubescent teens doing it
great voice acting
it really shows how lovely boys can be
i only watched because the thumbnail was on literal 7 year old's
obviously did not regret it
i honestly wonder how the videos looked in the end from how much he was shaking
has a long name which is a since that its gonna be good

dont know what else to write it is really terrible and should have been longer since it ends on a cliff hanger
actuality weirded me out from how inhumane it is
i hope shes pregnant