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Aug 7, 2012
Nextworld is a manga written by the famous Tezuka Osamu in 1951. As said in the after notes, Tezuka removed over 400 pages for the release, originally being 1000 pages long. The artwork is influenced by old western cartoons, as usual.

Note: Tezuka did not intend for this to be an "imitation" or a "rip-off" of the HG Wells film 'Things to Come', as he found the film boring. Anyway, Dark Horse Comics release this manga along with several of his other works.

Story: The concept of the story is pretty interesting, as you can see from the synopsis above, but is driven down my aimless writing. read more
Aug 6, 2012
Dororo (Manga) add (All reviews)

Dororo is one of Tezuka Osamu's darker works, and I'm honestly not sure what the author was aiming for here. Anyway, this was released by Vertical in 3 separate volumes, instead of 4. Vertical's release features a new cover design, which is possibly the worst cover design I've ever seen. Describe the cover?
Imagine taking random panels of manga and pasting it onto some human flesh.
Cool,right? No, not at all.


What happens when you combine Disney with rather violent fight scene? You get a manga like Dororo. The monsters are awesomely designed, while the humans are rather boring, and just unimpressive. The violent action scene lack read more
Aug 4, 2012
I apologize that this review is a bit of a mess.

Princess Knight is a shoujo manga written by Osamu Tezuka in 1953. It is also one of the earliest shoujo manga in existence. It (probably) inspired many classics like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rose of Versailles, and many more. I will be reviewing Vertical's release, which is 2 volumes.

Art: Love old Disney cartoons? Then you'll probably love the artwork. Unfortunately, I don't like it at all. The male characters often feature exaggerated facial proportions, while the female characters feature much of the same. None of the characters are particularly attractive, ignoring the young female lead.To read more