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Oct 21, 2015
It is difficult to list everything this show did wrong without giving spoilers, so this will be short.

The story is introduced with Mishiro, a manager who was displeased with the course things in the company were taking, so she proposed some huge changes. This changes lead to a series of individual episodes that tried to develop some characters.
But instead of development, they grew in annoyance or stayed the same, leaving their appearance as the only good thing about them (yeah at least they are waifu material, though not all of them). The drama was poorly executed, extremely forced with embarrassing dialogues, and it is not read more
Oct 18, 2015
First of all this is my first review, I never expected to make one in the first place so I struggled a lot with the redaction.

Story: There is not much to say about the story in a “cute girls doing cute things” (CGDCT) anime.
It is first introduced with Kokoa who gets lost while looking for the place where she was going to live so she decides to stop by a cafeteria with the coincidence that it was also the place where she was going to live and work part-time, there she meets Chino and Rize, later she would meet Chiya and Sharo who read more