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Feb 23, 2017
I gave this anime 9/10 and i think it deserves much more then other people gave that anime only because they score high only the "mainstream".
In my opinion anime have really interesting plot and its good variation about "vampires". Yes bloodivores are basically more science related vampires. Anime is based on Chinese manhwa and i dint read it so i cant and i will not score this anime based on how "true" it is to it paper original. Story is great trust me only sad thing is it doesn't advance that much and ends in "cliffhanger" so the second season maybe will be made.
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Sep 10, 2014
Ok, lets roll!!

First my overall rating for this manga is 8, great arts and good story +characters do greatly enhance overall idea that is rather simple. To not say to much about it i will just write here that the story basically is about Akira Inugami who is looking for his place in the world but only thing he get is brutal world filled with all sorts of humans.

Second that YOU, maybe future reader, must know is that this manga contains lots of violence and some scene(s) of sex also rape. So its rather for mature people not some woo kids who sees read more