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May 8, 2013
With striking character designs, adrenaline inducing pacing and epic battles, Code Geass is basically a versing in making exciting, highly watchable shounen anime.

My highest score would undoubtedly have to be for the plot of Code Geass. It immediately gives an interesting premise: Japan has became a social darwinist state, ran by the xenophobic britannians who dub it "Area 11". The Britannians are shown to be cruel and racist: their actions in the first episode of the anime is enough to get us on the side of Lelouch. The anime, thankfully, does not divert too much from the original plot. There are only really two or read more
Apr 16, 2013
End of Evangelion is truly a masterpiece of an anime movie.

For me, like many other fans, the last two episodes of the anime series of NGE left me feeling a little frustrated and confused. They are fantastic and innovative as stand alone works but do not serve as a satisfying conclusion to what was an amazing anime. EoE, however, allows Anno to give his magnum opus the ending it truly deserves: beautifully animated, packed with action and philosophical to the core, this film does not disappoint.

Taking place in the same universe as the anime, EoE serves as a re-telling of events outside of Shinji's read more