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petran79 Jun 3, 12:48 PM
Hi again. Another animator comic is Logicomix. Had read it years ago but did not look up the creators.
It is also published in English
Illustrator and character designer was also an animator in Babar and various commercials
petran79 Jun 2, 12:09 AM
Glad you liked it. Had received it as a present from my brother, had no idea about him either.
PantsuSenseiUwU May 16, 7:13 PM
"Opinions are like b-holes, everyone has one." Some are just nastier than others. People fail to see that we're not all the same, which I really don't get since most people don't look alike. I've met almost close to no one that is similar to me in all facets of life. My best friends aren't even the same as me, we just share a few common interests. In fact, my best friend's political stance is the opposite of mine but he understands where I come from, I get where he comes from. We can talk about things without bashing each others views. Neither of us are extremists though. Then when we don't agree on something, we take it to the sticks(video games, where I destroy him). He also hates anime so IDK if I can trust what he says on anything(joking). When it comes to politics he knows a lot more than me, but he doesn't use that as a weapon to destroy me in disagreements. He uses that to educate me on the matter from both sides, even the one he doesn't agree with. That way we can have a civil discussion or argument about what we believe.
jonmorina Apr 7, 2:39 AM
No problem man! I've been a huge tezuka fan for years and midnight has always been a potential top 3 manga for me! That's why I started translating it and I don't regret it!
Si-Ran Mar 24, 10:40 AM
Hey! Finale of KS came out last week. Dunno what site you're reading it on, but I've been paying for the episodes on Lezhin, so I've read it already. D : Lemme know when you read it, I'm dying for someone to talk to about it.

Also, sorry I've been awol, just work and stuff getting busy. Hope you're doing well
Si-Ran Jan 13, 11:18 AM
Oh man! I'm glad you liked Ichi! Wasn't it fucking weird as hell? I was laughing my way through that like whaaaatt just crazy shit. I also really liked all that weird psychological stuff it got into with Sado-Masochism. But yeah, didn't i warn you that the guy just can't seem to write a satisfying ending? It's just a flaw his stories have I guess. And yeah, I was looking into reading the prequel, but I head it it wasn't very good, since it was written like way before. I agree, the backstory behind who that old guy was would have been a great story. The next title of his i'm looking to read is called Adam to Eve I think, another yakuza story I heard was good.

I don't think I have read any Tezuka stuff, but the way you talk about it makes me think I'm missing out. I did watch a little bit of the Dororo anime, but I wasn't enthralled and gave up on it pretty early.

I haven't really been reading a whole lot lately, just staying up to date with some of my currently-running favorites. Also reading some american webtoons. Have you ever looked at Witch Creek Road? It starts out as a like your basic teenager horror, hack-n-slash, but it starts getting really weird. Plus, the gore it just amusing in this one. Take a look if you get bored, it's still pretty new.

Also finally trying to read Home Sweet Home.I forget, did you read Bastard?

Anywhos, hope your exams went well! You started back at school yet? I just started last week, so things will probably start getting busy for me soon. I always enjoy manga more when I know I'm procrastinating something while reading it.
Si-Ran Nov 7, 2018 4:06 PM
My boyfriend lived there until he was 14, in various parts of the country--seems like there are many many subcultures within the country, being an archipelago and all. More or less he talks about how the culture of collectivism in the Phillipines is the biggest difference, importance of the family over the individual, etc--therefore the individualistic culture of the US is romanticized by the younger generation, especially. He says he always got slack for having a "liberated" mindset like an American, as his dad was American, always getting into trouble. Anyway, he has a lot of interesting stories, I'm sure I wouldn't do them justice, also he left in like 2001, so I'm sure the culture has shifted dramatically even since then.

Anyways....yeah, Ichi the Killer is a great story, I also enjoyed Homunculus, another title by him. Be warned that for some reason this author just does NOT write satisfying endings, from what I've seen they're usally rushed, leave loose ends, unanswered questions, and just dosen't feel satisfying. But his storytelling style is more like a dark, philosophical meandering/exploration of the more grotesque aspects of psychology. Lots of gory or psychologically twisted scenes, but also pretty creative. And while I'm sure a lot of it is there for recoil or shock value, he frames it in a way that makes you think twice about certain concepts that we've been traditionally taught to just sweep under the rug.

Homunculus is about a homeless man (a businessman who suffers a fall from grace) who gets a hole drilled in his skull for money and develops the power to see a person's "true self", as it were. It's hard to explain. Explores lots of aspects of dysfunction and mental illness.

I even felt compelled to write a review for this title, esp. since the description basically describes nothing about the story.If you're interested.

Ichi the Killer (japanese title Koroshiya 1) is more violent, with some really memorable characters, more action-packed than Homonculus, and just really drives home the excessive gore. Also it explores the psychological dynamics of masochism and sadism, which I found kind of thought-provoking, actually.

His style can be rambling sometimes, but I find it worth the time, even if the endings don't wrap up in a pretty bow or just seem rushed. For him, I think it's more about the ideas put forth than the actual story arc.

These are the two titles of his I've read so far, with plans to read more, but from what I can see those are two of the better-known titles.
Si-Ran Nov 3, 2018 3:19 PM
I forget if you've mentioned this before, but where did you grow up exactly?

Yeah, my bf says it's like that in the Philippines as well, he could probably talk about it for 30 minutes actually, the way American culture is used and interpreted by Filipinos.

Oh, I forget, did we talk about that author, Hideo Yamamato, before? He write (or wrote a lot in the early 90s I guess) of bizarre, gory, fucked up psychological shit. Ichi the Killer (Koroshiya 1) just has so much bizarre-ass sado-masochistic, gory crap that's just absurd, such as ripping someone's arm off with your bare hands, or slicing off a prostitute's nipples. It's a pretty hilarious read.
Si-Ran Nov 3, 2018 1:51 PM
Haha, good one

Don't worry, I've laughed many many times reading this title, something about how obsurd this type of shit is just triggers a hilarious reaction (I literally laughed so hard I cried reading Ichi the Killer--I'm always reading this messed up shit at school on my laptop and worrying someone is gonna see me laughing and look at my screen and be like WTF)

Yeah, it's a good song, and it does weirdly fit the storyline.

My bf grew up in the Philippines, and he told me that often you'll just hear American songs on the radio there, in english, though there are translated versions too. So there's a good chance the version they're listening to in KS is an English song.

Hah, my bf also talks about how Asians love this 90s hip hop--or really all that ultra-romantic, sometimes super-cheesy love songs. Ever heard of Westlife? I sure hadn't, but apparently it's a Scottish band super popular in Asia back in the early 2000s, which sounds like Backstreet Boys with and extra 50 doses of cheese. btw.
Si-Ran Nov 2, 2018 12:59 PM

also, dude, I feel like we've all forgotten about this Killing Stalking themesong...
never even listened to the full song before...

Si-Ran Oct 27, 2018 7:52 AM
Ok, replying in reverse order:

Oh, yeah, I just don' really know how to use the site right? As in, how everyone seems to use it in the same way? I don't watch a ton of anime, and some of the stuff I've watched is not on MAL. So I figured I'd just add my faves to my faves and the others to the rest of the list. Haven't watched one in a ages tho.

Lol, the Rick and Morty question was totally random, but I personally find the show pretty frickin funny. Luckily I don't spend a lot of time of social media so I dont see those memes, but I can def see how that could happen, I bet about 99% of the show's fans are fucking irritating ass frat boys who probably don't understand half of it. Or the type of people who think they just know EVERYTHING and love to rub it everyone's faces. Lol, and I think I can see your point about the whole jerry/beth thing, but personally I really wanted beth to have left the family to go on ass kicking adventures. I really hope that turns out to be the truth.

Yeah, so Witchcreek Road is ongoing and pretty new actually, only like 6-7 chapters, but it's a continuous story. The thing about it is that it's just a total take on the whole "lost teenagers in the woods, tehy just wanted a normal life, but these satanic crazy beast women in leather come to eat their faces and turn their friends into monsters!! they must fight for their pathetic lives!" haha, it's pretty great

I've heard of Parasyte actually, it looked interesting, I'll look at it. Right now i'm exploring the Junji Ito horror collection at the request of my friend, but for some reason I think you might've mentioned him too?

Yeah, I remember liking the concept of tokyo ghoul at first, and even kind of liking some of the scenrios, but it just too anime campy for me. Do you know what i mean by that? like, overly cliche anime over-the-top silliness crap. plus, even though I'm someone who's started to enjoy gore, at the time I felt that the amount of gore in that show didn't serve a purpose. I could be wrong in that opinion, it might've just been that I was more sensitive to it back then. but I'm glad to hear that I'm not missing out on too much.

But there's a similar thing happening with characters in a manga I'm reading, Darwin's Game, they keep introducing these awesome characters and give them a little back story with potential for growth and a real arc, but then they kill them off like 8 pages later. It gets kind of old. Like, if you're just gonna kill them, don't give them a whole backstory, geez. Or at least have them live long enough for them to have a character arc.
Si-Ran Oct 26, 2018 5:38 PM
Yeah man, Sangwoo is definitely really depressed, especially near the end of this season. Makes me wonder...
I've watched some of the anime for Tokyo Ghoul, but kind of lost interest during the 1st season...would you recommend picking it back up again?

Yeah dude! It really it starting to look like there might be some kind of weird ass familial relation between the two at this point. Who knows exactly what though.

Ooh, yeah, the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina? I'm kind of reading something along those 60s horror witchy teenage vies right now on linetoon, Witchcreek Road, it's pretty much silliness, but it's entertaining nonetheless. Good for halloween.

Hey, this if off topic, but are you into Rick and Morty?
Si-Ran Oct 20, 2018 8:15 AM
Dude! I just read the newest chapter of KS. I'm really impressed with how much Sangwoo has's like he's getting back in touch with his human side....

Considering how low-key this season has been compared to the others, I'm expecting the final season to be really intense.
Plus, we finally got real insight into the events that led to his father's death. He's a much more complex character than he appears to be in the first season. He's not really a psycho sadist through and through, deep down he's just a lost little kid who's been modeled nothing but violence and emotional manipulation while growing up.

Also, maybe, maybe, I'm not totally wrong about the sharing-the-same-mother thing? Idk, Koogi seemed to touch on that in the dialouge....
Man, this author is so talented. I just can't get over it. I'm gonna reread everything for like the 3rd time after this season closes.
Si-Ran Oct 19, 2018 3:19 PM
Sorry I'm just writing back, you know how it is.
I appreciate your support on that, and yeah it's kind of just a pipe dream for me, maybe I'll just get back into writing short stories, I used to do that a lot. I'd like to have a portfolio filled with essays and stories I've written, I always say I'll work on it, but I haven't written for fun in years except bits and pieces here and there. I can actually draw somewhat, but I'm nowhere near technically good enough to compete with what's out there already.

Anyway, back to what we were talking about, with the artists just using the same base for every character. On a similar note, I have a personal theory about why anime/manga artists love to make characters that have these outreageous hair styles/colors, huge eyes, and general crazy look---besides the creativity factor, I think it also might have something to do with the fact that Japanese people all have similar hair color/eye color? Haha, forgive me if that sounds ethnocentric, I know there are actually great variations between the physical appearances of Japanese people, but it's jsut that their culture is very collectivist, you know? It's sort of taking a risk to commit yourself to an outlandish style.

And yes, I'll maybe look into some of those titles you mentioned, they seem promising. Really, you liked Spider Man comics? I've never given those American superhero comics a chance, but it seems as though they can be pretty complex and dark depending on the issue/artist/writer.

Yeah, I tend to put a bunch of shit in my PTR category, just as a way of reminding myself of a cool title I found that I would like to read at some point, and I can look back over my list when I want something to read.
The thing with me is, when I find a manga I really like, I will usually binge read the entire series within a week. Then I'll take a short break and spend time talking about it on here, typically, and maybe browse some other titles. Right now I've started a couple titles but haven't fallen in love, so I'm currently seeking my next obsession to binge read.
ezlord Oct 15, 2018 10:10 AM
I really like ur theory regarding lookism
What u been readin and shit