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Märchen Mädchen
Märchen Mädchen
2 hours ago
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Date A Live 3rd Season
Date A Live 3rd Season
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Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
1 hour ago
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Nyotai-ka! Paradise
Nyotai-ka! Paradise
1 hour ago
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Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
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KazamiSan 6 hours ago
That's a lot of anime, which makes me want to curious to ask, do you still enjoy anime the same?
Also really happy to see Yume Tsukai on your favorites, consider watching Nazo no Kanojo X sometime since it was written by the same author.
BlackFIFA19 Oct 21, 11:45 AM
flannan said:
So, about a year late, I did read a volume of this novel people have been praising so much.

Sure, the author did a great job writing the book. With all-new magic system and ways to abuse it, and with all the dramatic plot and stuff.

But in my opinion, the book's magic was too experimental. Not enough like magic, and too much like billiards of doom. The work fails to resonate with the desire for fantasy, and doesn't have the believability of sci-fi. And it looks like they'll discard the only two girls that I could like among the cast (the miko twins).
Overall, I feel there is just no reason to actually read on, so I'm dropping it here.

Please dont be put off by the first chapters, or the first volume in general, it has a rough start, i loved it, but ive seen more then enough people not like the first volume, it gets alot better from V2 onward, and V5 is a genuine 10/10, all the people ive encouraged to read more after the first volume all came to love it
EcchiKingMamster Oct 3, 6:16 AM
ah aite well u know me... ass, titty, panty shots and nudity are good enough XD
EcchiKingMamster Oct 3, 2:56 AM
wouldnt know LOL

how ecch is UQ? the fanservice was looking good so far and i see its far darker than other Negima
EcchiKingMamster Oct 2, 1:57 PM
Deknijff Aug 21, 9:05 AM
Deknijff Aug 21, 8:58 AM
He didn't quote you so just making sure you saw he replied to you
Shoegum Aug 17, 6:31 AM
how many levels of irony are you on right now?
Shoegum Aug 17, 6:30 AM
Shoegum Aug 17, 6:26 AM
Hey bro do you know what shitposts are?
EcchiKingMamster Aug 7, 9:29 PM
sounds great lol, im just working my ass off to pay off all this stuff i bought from the con

seems like that happens alot :/

such a cute show too lol
EcchiKingMamster Aug 7, 1:41 PM
wassup brother?
Adi Jul 29, 8:44 PM
i didnt mean about one show being more entertaining than the other; i meant that with that question, it's phrased as if there's no difference in value between a 30 second commercial about bread and an anime like Mushishi. you enjoyed both, so what's the point in comparing them as superior vs. inferior? one is obviously more valuable to you than another.

well entertainment is a purely subjective matter so it being "shaky" is just part of the fun I guess. when it comes to debating about shows and what not if one person is legitimately trying to convince the other of "liking" a show it's just so pointless. so in that respect i agree with you. however debating shows from a purely analytical standpoint is entirely different

rarity sure, innovation too; something genuinely influential that inspired a wave of copycats can be considered valuable for being the first to do it good. though, that sounds like a different conversation.
PizzaOnPineapple Jul 29, 7:04 AM
Thanks man, your reply is appreciated.

It's just that the ecchi/fanservice discussion gets really out of hand sometimes and I have yet to see someone express a similar opinion to mine, just that they either do or do not appreciate fanservice without differentiating between fanservice that feels natural and human and the low-quality nearly fast food-like fanservice and immature portrayal of skinship and the female body.
The whole thing made me feel kind of left out, I don't know. >.<
Adi Jul 28, 7:36 PM
The latter part is fair but I've never had an experience with someone who'd dismiss a show's merits solely because it belongs in a recognizable genre. If anything elitists are just dismissive of specific genres and prefer the ones like "mystery" or "psychological" or "seinen" or some other ostensibly pretentious nonsense.

also i couldn't help but notice this "But why would you say one form of entertainment is inherently worse than others?" are you serious with that question though?