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Mar 31, 2019
Sprout (Manga) add (All reviews)
If you're looking for romance with good development, this is not the manga to read. Although the story line is fresh, this manga continued to fall short of my expectations. If you need something to read in the meantime though, go for it.

There wasn't a character that was completely annoying or anything which is nice, but in my opinion the characters were just okay; every character was considerate in some way, always thinking and had their own qualities, but for some reason it just wasn't enough. To me the most interesting characters were prob the college, young adults of the manga boarding.

Romance: was read more
May 15, 2018
For me this was the best manga I've read in a very long time. I've read pretty much all the popular/ suggested mangas which set the bar really high.... But for one that isn't as well known, this one really hit the mark for me in a good way, it was really REAL.

Characters: 9/10 You've got an annoying female character, the strong but passive female lead, a male lead that is quiet and doesn't show his emotions very well, and the popular male that gets what he wants, which leads us to having a not original story line, but it plays out well thanks read more
Dec 31, 2017
Honestly, the synopsis didn't really tell me enough so I wasn't interested at first. However I've been pretty low on manga so I thought I'd give this one a try after reading comments about it.

Story: First off our princess is in search for a dragon because her uncle said he would give her the throne if she can come back with a dragon (he originally said she could after she becomes of age, but keeps making excuses so she can't become queen). The dragon is a significant partner who will act as a guardian. She eventually runs into one. However things are a little read more
Dec 4, 2017
My Opinion. Just babbling so might not be helpful.

You know, despite all the negative reviews I read about this anime, I have to say I am enjoying it.
It's slow in the sense that I understand the lead's situation, but it also sounds complicated which in a sense I cant imagine how it will end in just 12 episodes.

I actually am really enjoying it right now considering I haven't watched any anime lately that has caught my attention. It's slightly unique in its own way. And I do have to admit that I might be captivated because of our female lead's voice actress. Haha read more
Oct 27, 2017
Not a helpful review, but for a reminder for myself in case I want to reread this or find Yuushou Shima again.

Plot: Summary three new students meet together in what isn't such a great first encounter. With that we can kind of tell where the story is going to go. We have the nice and good girl female protagonist. Then we have Ryou (blackhead) who goes around breaking girls hearts in not such a nice way. Finally we have the cheerful, overly affectionate Yuushou who likes being friendly with girls. Things happen and the guys realize their feelings for the female protagonist. Who read more
Oct 3, 2017
This is like a 8-9. This won't be a helpful review, but more so for me to be able to recall how I liked this manga (for future purposes haha).

I am actually quite disturbed by age gaps greater than 8-10 years. In fact even just student-sensei relationships in manga have me cringing sometimes if its not played right. So the fact that there's 21 age gap had me really... -____-

BUT after reading all the positive comments and reviews I gave it a try. I do have to say it is a relationship I still can not say I completely understand because I feel she fell read more
Oct 1, 2017
Late review.
This is actually the first manga I've read. It's because I watched the anime and kept wondering when the next season would come. But with anime, we all know not every anime gets a second season. So after 2-3 months I learned about the manga already being completed. So I read it.
My opinion. My heart was and is still broken because of this manga. At the end I was sooooo happy that they finally finally FINALLY were together.

Story: Starts off typical shoujo. I like that the story continues onto adulthood. I couldn't even imagine after the anime that their relationship would fall read more
Oct 1, 2017
It's cute and fun. I love his hair. (Youll know who i'm talking about when you read it)

Story: 7 Typical Shoujo but it's nothing bad. Our female lead falls in love at first sight. Our male lead who has a history. They end up on the school committee and through tasks fall for each other. Our female lead cries at everything, but its okay that's just her personality. It doesn't get annoying like other mangas. Our male lead has an invisible wall in his heart. These go through romance rollercoasters like normal high school students do. Themes such as "You don't know what you had read more
Oct 1, 2017
Basara (Manga) add (All reviews)
Basara. This won't be a helpful review, but I just wanted to share my thoughts.
I like the plot because its really original to me. The characters are strong and have personalities of their own, and you learn to love each character because you learn about their circumstances. Because of this,
Characters: 10/10. Sometimes stubbornness of specific characters bothered me but it's realistic. I got to understand why they were that way.

Enjoyment: Hmmm, I rate this a 7-8. Why? This is mainly because I felt that this manga dragged for longer than I though necessary. Its a good manga, but I feel it would have read more
Aug 30, 2017
..............................................expect an affair..................................
If you're not okay with it then you might not like this manga, but I feel that everyone saw it coming.
It's not their fault in my opinion, and I can understand why it was hard to fight the urge to.

Story: Just as mentioned, it's really straightforward. A girl who is physically abused by her father (ever since her mother left them). She's beat so much and often her bruises are somewhat permanent. She tries to hide them. She encounters a man studying to become a doctor who also has problems with his relationship. He sees her bruises and from there their relationship read more