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Oct 22, 2014
If SAO was a band,it'd be called One Direction ...Loved by their fans but considered overrated by everyone else..And i belong to the latter category...
So here's my review:

Story: 5/10

Honestly,i loved the first few episodes of SAO..the art was great,the characters seemed fun and the pacing was good...But somewhere along the way,SAO lost its touch..It became another cliched romance with the hero saving the girl,girl and hero kissing and then living happily as a couple..And they even added in a virtual child so that the family roleplay can be complete...The romance kiiled the show for me...It was way too fast,way too unrealistic and way too cliched read more
Oct 6, 2014
148 episodes is a lot of time to invest in a series..Only a good series can justify that much time..And HunterxHunter not only justified it,but it basically blew away any pre concieved notions i had about it...Before starting this anime,i was really skeptical mainly due to the lack of mainstream hype..Surely if it was THAT good,it should have recieved more attention,right?I couldn't have been more wrong..HxH is without a doubt one of the greatest animes I've seen and after finishing it i'm left with a deep sense of loss..Anway,here's the more detailed review:

The story is mainly about Gon and his journey to find his father..His read more
Oct 1, 2014
Story: 10
10/10 For the story, initially it takes a bit of the time for the story to pick up pace, but once it does, it keeps you thoroughly entertained. There is a nice and slow buildup, a great plot twist in the middle and a superb ending that makes this anime one of the best in recent memory

Sound :8
The sound was well orchestrated depending on the mood of the scenes, but besides providing a good base, it doesn't really stand out. It doesn't make the scenes feel bette,r but neither does it make it worse. So the music gets a 6/10 in my book.
As for read more