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Jul 27, 2020
I have to admit that Aku no Higan has a pretty cool premise, absolutely full of potential. Just look at the summary above. Exchanging one's life years for riches and power, or the other way around, sacrificing your fortune for longer life... Just imagine what you could do with that. Imagine the opportunities for character drama, hard choices, moral dilemmas, world building and thematic exploration.

Well, too bad this author just took a fascinating concept like that and wasted it on a very average (even sub-par) shounen.

The plot is basic and forgettable. The whole concept of exchanging years for money (here presented as the main hook) read more
Dec 13, 2017
What do you get when you mix poor man's Death Note with a watered down version of BBC's Sherlock, and a dash of Akame ga Kill?

Answer: you get Yuukoku no Moriarty.

This manga is a re-imagining of the classic story, with Sherlock Holmes's arch-nemesis, the titular Moriarty, as the protagonist. For better or worse, the author didn't have the courage to go all out and keep him a self-serving master of crime. In this version, Moriarty is an underdog who goes from rags to riches, and grows up to become a merciless vigilante on a crusade against corrupt nobles.

Incredibly cheesy, right? Yes, of course, but read more
Feb 12, 2017
This anime is the greatest masterpiece I've ever had the pleasure of watching! It's more than just entertainment. It's a lesson in morality that no anime fan and no human being should miss out on. I've learned many things watching it, and now let me spread the message further. Here are some of the deep truths that this anime had revealed to me:

1. Homophobes are gay, and getting raped is just the nudge they need to get out of the closet.

2. Rape is funny and something akin to a minor social faux pas, not a crime.

3. If you've raped someone, don't worry. Your victim MUST read more
Feb 8, 2017
Hello, my dear reader.

Let me tell you a little story.
What story, you might ask? Well, it's your story, and mine, and that of many others. How do I know? Because it always follows the same pattern.

It all started when you heard that Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata were working on another manga together. Great news, right? You loved Death Note and/or Bakuman, and you were instantly hyped up for more awesomeness from the power duo. You were perhaps a little surprised that a new manga coming from them didn't have any buzz, but you thought nothing of it at the time.

"It's just read more