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Mar 5, 2016
K: Return of Kings is the long anticipated sequel of the anime K and the movie K: Missing Kings. It closely follows the style of its predecessors as a hot-blooded story about the tragedy aroused out of the differences in ideologies and the value of friendship coupled with quite a bit of Ho Yay (which is, to sidetrack a bit, part of the reason why I know this show). Its strengths and weaknesses are also similar to them, having excellent aesthetical attraction but merely mediocre plot.

The biggest appeal of the K franchise is its visual design, thanks to its generous budget. The scenery is gorgeous, read more
Feb 25, 2016
As a player of the original game "Divine Gate" who has at least some knowledge on the original story, I had some hope on this series before. Unfortunately, cramming such a convoluted story (involving dozens and dozens of characters, five different worlds, and having probably storylines that couldn't be counted by one hand) that would be otherwise more fitting for a multiple-storyline novel into a 12-episode anime proved to be an absolute disaster.

Story: 1/10

In a nutshell, the story is a kudzu plot full of irregular jumps. Allow me to briefly outline what happened in the first 7 episodes.

1: Introduction and Aoto's flashback
2: Aoto accepting the read more