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Oct 11, 2018
I try not to be a negative person, which is why I gave this anime a chance. However, after realizing how unbelievably edgy this anime is, I regret every minute I spent watching this show. Take a shot every time you read the word “sins” and you’ll pass out within the first few minutes.

While the plot of the anime doesn’t make much sense, most of the issues of this show lies with its characters. While Rachel isn’t a great character by any stretch, Zack is unbearably annoying. At first I thought he was satire of every edgy creepypasta character ever written, but I obviously gave read more
Apr 11, 2018
(minor spoilers)

As there aren’t many good things about this anime, I’ll start with the few things which it did alright. The animation was surprisingly good, and the fight scenes were smooth (but sadly the animation couldn’t compensate for the content at all). Overall the voice acting was fine, except for the Suke who unfortunately talked a lot. Everything else in this is bad, and not even bad in an enjoyable way.

The music isn’t awful, but it rarely suited the scene at all, and this is coming from someone who rarely notices music in shows. The main issue with the OVA isn’t the music though.

Having not read more