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Feb 26, 2012
The one word I'd use to describe this series would definitely be "escape".

Not necessarily from somewhere, it's more about where you're headed. Most people look past the true depth in this show due to all the slapstick jokes, and gimmicky humor, but there is some subtle beauty in this show that sits right under the surface. The premise of accepting who you truly are as an individual, and not letting social norms effect that idealistic image you strive for is the strongest driving theme throughout the show.

Ok, so the story is fairly vague, not much actual "plot" apart from the initial incident of finding this read more
Jan 5, 2012
Wow. I had fairly low expectations coming in to watching this, it seemed to me like another generic "take itself too serious"-type show, and would have some poorly written, generic plot to go along with it.

Boy, was I wrong.

The show has an astounding amount of depth to such a clean and intriguing story. The plot is very original, dealing with relationships, betrayal, and secrets, allowing great room for character development. The diverse cast make for a very entertaining crew, each of the "side"-characters had a fully developed feel to them, not cliche' and half baked as I went in expecting.

The crisp energetic feel read more
Oct 21, 2011
Ok, I'll be the first to say this isn't the most original anime. Basically, delinquent guy, and two tsunderes, and a plot about making friends. In terms of plot, it's fairly cliche', no doubt about it. Although fairly predictable, you'll still have a blast viewing it though. The classic "melting" of the tsunderes, and the cute animation and soundtrack give a familiar, and lovable experience that many anime fans have come to love. This isn't going to change the way you look at anime, provoke any news ideas, or really improve on anything that has been done before. But you'll have a fun time, smile read more