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Jun 7, 2019
all those 40+ chapter leading up into a mess 7 chapter of ending....

pain point:
1. Irrelevant / gimmick side character that really does nothing to add into the ending of the story
2. Later, the series extremely into shoujo romance
3. They drag the series way too long with hollow, meaningless chapters
4. All character feeling and logic are nonsense / stupid that you can figure it out in the first chapter
5. Predictable and hollow ending, left the rest of the character with no proper ending / the author want a good ending for all character but fail miserably
6. The series want to be "light and entertaining to read" read more
Mar 31, 2018
Deathmarch is Fantasy Game Isekai with so much mystery to unravel. The tone is light but sometime it spikes and so much action going on.
Mostly because its more like slice of life type, but it kinda lack in execution, yes in so much aspect.

Solidity of story, plot, route, event choosing
(General score of overall story. How they managing, planning and creating the series. Whether the adaptation match the source material or even improve it)
4 - Story revolve around Satou's Harem, trying to enjoy the world as he stuck in it. Doing anything he wanted as justice warrior.
Plot is a bit strange, because we are losing tempo read more
Feb 2, 2018
3 - Solidity of story, Plot/ route/ event choosing
(General score of overall story. How they managing, planning and creating the series. Whether the adaptation match the source material or even improve it)
* Predictable, dull, uninspired, not attractive, bad writing, cringe like typical brainless teenager love.
3 - Story/ Theme/ Genre exploration and utilising, Detail
(Flow of the anime, how the anime turn from main premise/ type/ genre, Clearness/ mystery/ story telling)
* Its like usual 'forced irational drama' like any drama tv, not attractive, not creative
8 - Directing, Cinematography, Script, Choreography, Scene to scene, Camera perspective/ angle
* Well i can say they know how read more
Oct 14, 2017
(possible spoiler) okay, so here my review about this. Firstly, this is the real content of the anine :
15% Supernatural power
15% Chuunibyo
10% Club and school
60% Love drama harem competition

Story and plot - 4
There is no plot. The anime is really episodic in the half end, the main story is actually only competition of the girls winning jurai love. Really ? I expect something more comedic or entertaining about club activity. But they prioritise romance drama over thing i expect above.
And they bring something called 'war' or some shit that actually not the story.

Visual 6
The art is ok, but so much fail drawing and animation on read more
Sep 29, 2017
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni, is not rip-off or unoriginal version of Isekai genre or trying to follow the successful of their predecessor Isekai genre. They have their own story, directing and different taste from other Isekai setting. But, lets see what they're all about!!

'They failed to made excitement about how Isekai setting and atmosphere should be made'
I know this is Harem anime. Like......... "We dont need to make solid feel about the setting.
We just going to rush the harem and make a dream like 'Fantasy Story' about ideal man encounter with 6 or more (12 i think) attractive and interesting girl that really read more
Sep 27, 2017
Mawaru Penguin drum, its definitely not your 'Happy Story' or 'Roller Coaster feeling' kind of story that dont have any 'message or moral value' that after you watch you dont get anyting for yourself.
This is not your "Oh Im so sad, after all that moment and interaction they have done, they ended up like that" Anime for 14 YO that only think about how fun life are and suddenly, "Oh goddamit" moment out of nowhere.

But... actually Mawaru Penguin Druim is still far away from 'Master Piece' or kinda Elitist's praised 90s anime.
Its gonna be different from my previous review that explain point per read more
Aug 3, 2017
Gakkougurashi. The story revolve around Gakuen Seikatsubu (High school living club) with only four member, with their resolve is 'You dont allowed to go home'.
Did you think is easy to survive apocalypse? you only need psychical needs? you only need to live for tomorrow? you didnt have any dream? etc.
Watch it and you will understand. -Story and moral value = 7/10

The art is great and enough for satisfying us. not full gloomy or full colurful. The animation and art enough for execution of the story and really memorable . The screen effect and screen to screen really fit and enjoying.
The op and ed are dynamicly read more