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Days: 15.8
Mean Score: 7.78
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  • Episodes1,182
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Comic Girls
Comic Girls
Jul 9, 1:26 AM
Watching 11/12 · Scored 7
Jul 9, 1:26 AM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 10
Mob Psycho 100 II
Mob Psycho 100 II
Jul 9, 1:22 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 2.3
Mean Score: 8.42
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  • Chapters416
  • Volumes42
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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
May 25, 12:01 AM
Reading 14/? · Scored 9
Feb 13, 11:33 PM
Completed 15/15 · Scored 8
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Feb 13, 12:58 PM
Reading 128/? · Scored 9


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Hydallan Jul 9, 3:54 PM
Hello there! Got here because of your review of Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san. I gotta give that manga a shot now, I am in love with the character design and expressions. I also use tags the same way you do. Now we just gotta wait for the site to finally get completely fixed to check each other´s out :)

Also great job on Kobayashi and Sora yori reviews. I loved those series to bits. I wish my english and writing were good enough to make some reviews of my own.
cookin May 25, 11:09 AM
Yes! Sora Yori is amazing! The writers establish emotional intimacy between the characters so quickly in that show, the bond the girls form is immensely close and strong for a series that's only one cour. I very much love and identify with the adventurous life ideology it portrays, and it has some of the most heartwarming friendship moments I've seen in any anime.

That's good to know, I may check it out once I'm done with the School Live manga. The thing I like so much about Watamote is I'm able to look back at my moments of social anxiety as a younger person and just laugh them off when I see a character like Tomoko and what she goes through, given that she's the embodiment of the most severe adolescent social anxiety imaginable. I also like each of the supporting characters, Tomoko's mom, brother, and best friend. Even though Tomoko's kind of a piece of shit, I appreciate how they show her a bit of love and patience nonetheless.

hmm, I'd probably say Ayano and Chitose. Ayano because she is the most blatant tsundere imaginable and Chitose because I strongly anticipate each of her fantasy/nosebleed sequences and laugh just as hard eeeevery single time it happens. Also Yui's younger sister cracks me up... she kinda reminds me of Kanna Kamui from Dragon-Maid. Do you have a favorite character or two from Yuru Yuri?
cookin May 25, 3:04 AM
ooooh nice favorites, I 100% share your love for slice of life, comedy, and moe

Also nice to see another person who enjoyed Watamote, it's definitely not for everyone but for what it is I think it's really well done. Plus, the OP is a banger

Thanks for the friend request :)

p.s. Yuru Yuri is godlike, that show is so up my alley it's not even funny
drower May 9, 1:17 AM
Basicpleb420 May 7, 9:52 PM
Hello there, evolvingweeb. Long time, no talk.

I've been meaning to ask: what manga is your avatar from? it looks very familiar...
CoquiEnthusiast Mar 27, 9:59 PM
I can relate to your hype when it comes to A Place Further Than the Universe. Haven't even finished it yet and I already know it's one of my favorites as well. Also, I want to put one of the girls in my favs list but I can't choose one, they're all fantastic! Too good to be real tbh...
Slyze Mar 16, 9:35 AM
np, and ty :P
mikachu Mar 15, 10:38 PM
thanks for accepting!! =^.^=
Omnivision Mar 7, 3:34 PM
Hello! Thanks for the friend request! How's it going? Also, I see you're the type of person who writes tags for the stuff they watch/read. You should check out mine if you haven't yet. You might find them mildly amusing lol.
KannoSugako Feb 28, 4:09 AM

hahahah that thing of loosing what you wrote happened to me so many times, I vividly recommend for you to start using a document sheet, it’s a life saver haha!

Umm I get it, well, I wasn’t always like this, growing up I guess I was a bit shy, specially with crowds, but year after year I care less so i’m more free to be myself and now I just say whatever comes to my mind and do what I wanna do. To the point where now my bf tends to shut me up ‘cause I could talk forever xD. I had my exam alright, it went smoothly, was super scared but I nailed it nonetheless. So now I have a few days free before getting back at it, lol. So just hang in there, as soon as I finish catching up with some life stuff and replying some comments I had ignored cause of exams i’ll look into that list :D

Well, if it’s worth for something you’re not alone. This happens almost to everyone I think, even if they don’t wanna accept it. You see, in school it’s not like you’re oriented in any way or have a one on one experience with life, so it’s almost as if you’re living in a bubble and then then it’s over it throws you out to face a reality you’re not even aware of. I remember when I finished school I was soooo lost, but so lost funny thing Is at the moment I thought I was so sure of what I wanted, how wrong I was. My first choice was to study chemical engineering and my reasoning behind it, wanna know what it was? Well, just because my parents wanted my to study anything engineering-like just cause you’re supposed to get more jobs and earn more. So I took such an important decision based on what others wanted and money alone, I was so stupid. After one year I ended up quitting, It wasn’t that I was bad, actually i’m pretty good at almost anything, but it wasn’t what I wanted, it bored me to death and I hated it. After that I studied modern languages cause I find myself to be apt to it since I was little and I didn’t know what I wanted, still, all I knew is that I wanted something not mechanic. And while I was studying this I finally discovered what I wanted, what my true passion is and who I was. I discovered anthropology after a trip to the Amazon forest so that’s why i’m studying it now. I don’t wanna sound patronizing or like, too dramatic by saying all this, but what I truly wanna say, and my point is that it’s completely fine not having any clue, it took me so long to find what I wanted, but I did find it. Most people tend to conform even if they don’t like what they do just because it gives you a sense of security. I decided to embrace my being lost instead of confining myself to do something I wasn’t meant to. But anyways, enough of this silly speech ahaha.

Oh boy, I have lots of hobbies. Too many imo. I have ranged from cycling, to ATS dancing (which is some form of bellydance group technique to put it bluntly), I love trekking and photography (don’t I don’t take as much photos as I’d like) but my recent passion and the one i’ve been sticking with since last year (April) it’s weightlifting. I adore the sensation of getting stronger, going to the gym it’s not something I feel like I have to do is something I need to do for my mental health, lol. I found it and since then I haven’t left it once. I’d also love to practice some MMA but I haven’t been able to find a place where I can learn cause there’s always something: there are no women, or is far or the hours don’t work for me T_T

What about you? Any hobbies? Anything you enjoy so much doing?

Hope you have a great day my friend, take care of yourself :3

AnikuGuroshima Feb 25, 3:39 AM
No problemo ^^
Contaminated Feb 22, 1:15 PM
Hope it goes well. You're gonna be a bit loopy afterwards so enjoy being high lol
arderine Feb 21, 10:13 PM
Oh my, good luck ;-;
I've hope you have a safe, good surgery.
Contaminated Feb 21, 6:34 PM
Oh shit I hate oral surgery. Is it just normal like wisdom teeth, or something else?

Nothing much either. Passed two big tests recently I guess. Trying to find time to watch anime
fukiburi_hime Feb 21, 4:07 PM
sure it is >n<, i can't wait for autumn, i really miss the rainy and cold days