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Jun 23, 2013
story 7/10 the idea isnt really origional nor very special. Boy who isnt good at sports joins kendo club and proves to be very very talented for it. There are some problems but they are easily solved and all important matches are won.

art 9/10 yeah i really like this art style.

character 8/10 the characters arent really origional but they do behave according to their character and have some personal growht. New characters are introduced at a nice pace and they a look diffrent so you can remeber them.

enjoyment 9/10 i liked it but this is just because i like this sort of manga. If you read more
Jun 18, 2013
story 6/10
The idea is not really origional and the plot is sort of predictable. There are some funny moments but overall it's just you average romance between tsundere and honest persons.

art 7/10
The art is nothing special, I just really like the style.

characters 5/10
Well just the basic idea, one character has a problem (in this case she is never honest) and has a dream (to get girl-friends) then she meets a special person and then I won't spoil the rest.
The two main characters are complete opposite (cliche) and both have their own problems. In most manga's like this the characters over come those problems and become read more