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Sep 20, 2009
Hatsukoi limited follows the lives of a group of teenagers from a few schools that are connected in some way or another. It covers the early part of their love lives and deals solely with the issue of love. So for those who enjoy school romance you will probably enjoy this series.

The story i gave a 10 because it was clique but at the same time original at some points. While it's about a typical school romance it involves many characters that shape the story differently from a usual school romance. We get to see all sorts of love which is why i really enjoyed ...
Jan 14, 2009
NOTE: I have not read the manga so my view on this anime may differ slighlty from those who have.

Vampire knight guilty is a continuation of the original series Vampire Knight. The series is set in a school that caters to both vampires and humans that are separated into the night and day classes respectively. The story revolves around a girl whose first memories she can remember is being attacked by a vampire and being saved by a pureblood vampire which is the highest rank. She starts to harbour feelings for both her good friend and vampire hunter Zero as well as the pureblood who ...
Dec 7, 2008
ef~tale of memories is the story about six main characters all linked in one way or another and are around the same age and their struggles in their love lives as well as their dreams.

The story was fantastic. Though a bit complicated, it was intricately woven with unpredictable twists and a unique and original plot. It can be a bit cliche at some points but it was still hard to tell what the outcome would be. Some will definitely complain that the story is confusing and it can be, but after reviewing everything carefully it creates a beautiful story, so patience is advised when watching ...
Nov 29, 2008
Air Gear (Anime) add
Air gear is about a special kind of skates with a motor attached known as air treks. The story revolves around the life of Ikki a middle school student who learns about air trek and has humoungous talent and interest in the air treks and as a result is soon sucked into the world of air treks.

I found the story a very unique and orignal shounen anime. Of course you would expect the usual qualities like perserverance, determination and stuff being eminated by the protagonist but what made this so attractive was how they created such an interesting story from skates with motors in ...
Nov 6, 2008
Shugo Chara! (Anime) add
Shugo Chara! is about a teenage girl named Hinamori Amu, who acts cool on the outside but is actually very shy. She wishes to become her would-be self and gets three shugo chara which are like guardian angels that represent your would be self. The story revolves around the guardians a soceity of people with shugo charas includingAmu and their adventures to find themselves and the ledgerndary Embryo which grants any wish.

This anime has a unique storyline and is a pleasure to watch. Like any typical magical girl anime you have flashy transformation and destroying evil which takes the form of X eggs and characters ...
Nov 1, 2008
Onegai sensei(Please Teacher) is a story about an 18-year old boy who has an illness that few know off that when he is feeling down he will faint. The story revolves around his encounter with an alien whom he has to marry in order to keep her secret and the feeelings that develop between them as well as the effect on his friends.

The story was quite lighthearted and comedic typical of a romantic comedy. But there was also drama added to the story to make it more interesting and attractive through the twists introduced into the story later on. Perhaps it may be a bit ...
Oct 24, 2008
Basilisk is the story about two warring ninja clans who were experiencing a period of peace with both their heirs engaging in an intimate relationship. However, the peace treaty that kept the peace was broken and they were ordered by the emperor to kill each other and the story focuses on the battles that take place and the characters in it.

The story is a very dark and depressing story. That doesn't mean that it isn't good, in fact i thought it was a very meaningful show but it is quite mature.Those who are not fans of dark shows and prefer something more lighthearted, please avoid ...
Oct 13, 2008
Itazura na Kiss is about a girl who is not so bright but very determined who falls in love with a verytalented and supposedly "way above her league" guy.The story follows the trials and tribulations that she goes through in her relationship with him.

I liked the story of this anime very much because it is one of the few animes that actually go so far as to follow the relationship of the couple after their marriage. this makes it different from most animes which just end the story when the two confess to each other or something along that line. However, a warning to all ...
Oct 10, 2008
True Tears (Anime) add
True tears is a story that focuses on the life of a high school student and his interactions with the three heroines of the story. The story focuses on the romance and drama in the lives of the characters.

I think that the storyline was one of the best i have seen for a 13 episode anime. It was just the right length for such a story. The anime incorporates a lot of realism and really brings out the drama of a love triangle. The story looks at love from a path less ventured on and is different from your typical love story. Some may call ...
Oct 3, 2008
D.Gray-man (Anime) add
D. Grayman is about a a boy named allen walker who is cursed with the ability to see akuma or demons.He joins the Black order to fight these Akuma with the use of special weapons known as innocence.The story focuses on the lives of the individuals in the order and their encounters.

The story of this anime is amazing. It's one of the best i've seen(possibly the best). It has a very unique feel to it for a shounen anime and inculcates a lot of drama which makes the anime so gripping. For a shounen anime it has a good mix of comedy,drama,action and adventure, not ...