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Feb 12, 2015
I watch this anime because I like anime about a bunch of cute schoolgirls with male lead as the center of attention. If you like Grisaia No Kajitsu you might like this but I doubt you will enjoying this because I think some of the episode are so so boring, and its totally different compared to serious Grisaia, this is a not-so-comedy anime. I intend to drop this anime since episode 10 but there is always something interesting happen towards the end so I cancel my decision and give this a try and to be honest its so tiresome. For me, a plot about a read more
Jan 13, 2015
For anybody who have read manga "Last Game" by Amano Shinobu, after find out how amazing that manga was, and when they try to search other manga that have the same story & style, they will find this one, "Special A" by Maki Minami. For your information, this is not the first manga that have the same theme, unrequited love between a long time childhood friend. There is another manga named "His and Her Circumstances" by Masami Tsuda in 1996 that slightly have the same theme. I expect nothing from this anime, but it turns out to be too funny and a lot of unpredictable read more