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Oct 23, 2008
Koihime Musou is a very light anime that doesn't requires the viewer to analyze much. At first, due to the way the characters act, the colors applied to the anime, and the different songs and sound effects that you get to hear, you think this anime is very childish and that it's directed to kids. However, this anime contains a lot of lesbian-like comments, jokes, scenes, and dialogues; at some point, if the director/writer would've wanted, this anime could even have turned into a hentai.

The story is very naive: a black-haired, martial artist teenager girl sets out on a journey to defeat all the bandits read more
Oct 18, 2008
This episode is just a recap from episodes 1 to 17 of the original series, Monster. If you just recently finished watching those episodes, do not watch this or else you'll be bored.

It sums up the basic plot and storyline of the series, refreshing the viewer's mind with everything that has happened up to episode 17. There isn't much to say about this: it has the same good voice acting and songs from the series, together with the same art style. Character development is fairly explained in this summary, too. The story of the series itself is outstanding, but in this recap they omit too read more
Oct 14, 2008
The storyline of this hentai is very bad; it starts off with no real basis, and you can't quite understand what was going on at all.

An apparently mad scientist has been expelled from a researching institution due to his interest in "evolution". Some time later, he calls his ex-assisstant in order for her to go pay him a visit and see his new discoveries. He has, apparently, found the key to evolution in the human being (in my opinion, it would be more like a regression), and things have turned out for the worst... Watch it in order to know what happens (although you don't read more
Oct 13, 2008
A mythology-based hentai, Angelium (at least slightly):
It's about how 3 angel apprentices undergo the "angel's test" in order to become full-fledged angels while having Zeus, their god and leader, present them sexual obstacles in the way. However, there's a hidden motif for Zeus's harsh training... But you'll have to find that out by yourself; I'm not spoiling it.

The mythological part I mentioned is that they base the characters in the Greek mythology: Zeus is married to his sister, Hera, but still has multiple relationships with other women, out of marriage. Hades is the god of the underworld, with his queen Persephone, and wants to gain read more
Oct 13, 2008
Gekka Bijin, or Maison Plaisir, is a mediocre hentai story-wise:
It's about Seiichi Itoh, a new tenant in Miyuki's, the landlady, boarding house, and how he manages to find some hidden secrets related to his past, the landlady, the other residents, and the boarding house itself while living there. Obviously, the secrets are X-rated, but I won't spoil them for you.

Art and animation is pretty nice compared to all the other hentais out there. The depiction of the sexual scenes is pretty good overall, just like the drawings of the surroundings and the characters, per se.

Sound is decent, enough as to be listened to, at least.

Character read more
Oct 7, 2008
This anime, just like Kite (from the same producers), is a very nice "hentai" packed with action and an interesting storyline.

The storyline is pretty simple and easy to understand, but it entertains the viewer enough as to want to keep on watching. The hentai part, the hardcore sex scenes, is just a bonus; you can watch the anime taking out the hentai part and the story will flow perfectly. Consider the sex scenes as an eye-candy for those who like watching hentai.

The art and animation is pretty nice. The 2 OVAs are packed with a lot of action scenes, and a couple of funny scenes, read more
Oct 7, 2008
Watching this series was painful, long, boring and tedious; I can hardly believe I endured until the end. This anime is just plainly too innocent, naive, happy, friendly, whatever you want to call it. The "problems" that are presented in the anime are all very dumb and not interesting, and the way the characters act is too childish. If you like fast-paced animes, with good action in it, you can stop reading this immediately and look elsewhere.

The story starts out with some mysterious "Neuroi" race that has appeared on Earth and has suddenly started attacking humans all around the world. That's about as much as read more
Oct 7, 2008
A Kite (Anime) add (All reviews)
This short OVA actually surpassed my expectations for it. First of all, it's not a hentai per se; it's an interesting story where corruption, murdering and sex merge, all of them being very explicit. After reading the synopsis, you might think you've watched this same plot before in other animes, but Kite presents it to you in it's own unique way, with a lot of interesting and unexpected turn of events.

The art is pretty good when compared in both decades, when it was aired and the present day; it adds to the mood of the anime. Sound effects and voice acting was acceptably good, just read more
Oct 5, 2008
The plot of this movie is very unique, original and interesting; it's a slow-paced anime, but with a very good storyline. It explains in details the situation the characters are undergoing and the actions they take. The only downside to the story is the ending. I won't explain why, but I just felt it leaves the viewer hanging.

The characters are introduced immediately, and some insight is given about who they are and why they are that way. There were some characters, that were somewhat important, that didn't get much background story, though.

Voice acting and music selection is good, helping set the mood in the movie. read more
Oct 5, 2008
This short OVA could've been better developed in a movie format, extending the 33 minutes to an hour, maybe; it might've been funner.

The story is interesting, although it is poorly explained, and too rushed. The newly introduced character, Baishin, is kinda interesting although it's not too original. It reminded me multiple times of Zaraki, since he can barely feel the slashes other people do to him. He has some interesting, unexplained techniques, but his story remains somewhat in the shadows (the basics are explained but with very little details). The rest of the characters are developed just as they are in the series, except maybe read more