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Jul 30, 2020
-SINS- (Manga) add (All reviews)
Good morning fellow Otakus. This is my first ever Manga review! A one shot by Miura Masataka. It is called -SINS-. I have very very big mixed feelings about this manga as a whole. Something that is normally written as a one shot can be either very good and the reader would agree that it only required one chapter to tell a beautiful story, but sometimes, it can be mediocre, meaning that it would have been best to include 4 or more chapters, not volumes, CHAPTERS!. -SINS, was the mediocre version. It could have been way more interesting if Masataka included 4 more chapters.

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Jan 10, 2020
to be honest, death parade, of course was better, due to the popularity and the hype of the show. In all honesty, death billiard kind of bored me due to the fact that it was only 25 minutes and that it was the obvious rules of Queen Decium. Same characters, same concept, same story. Nothing really changed. But i wish i knew the characters names and in all fairness, the pool balls were the same concept as the darts in the tv show where as in the dart, if you throw a dart and it lands on a body part, you feel pain, but in read more
Mar 1, 2019
Every single chapter, made me more and more emotional. it's such a sweet love story. I wish it had an anime. The characters are so well designed and their baby boy is just the cutest. I swear if i had a kid like that... i would dieeeee. At first when the book said, alpha and omega, i was like, oh damn, some wolf shit going on here, but turns out it's just a phrase for two boys being together.
Tadaima, Okaeri is a great new ongoing BL love story that i think should be recognized by everyone around the globe. As a whole, I think read more