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Apr 18, 2015
Trotting down a dimly lit stairway lost in worries, walking hurriedly along a corridor seemingly without end, you come across a painting - a feast of colours and of animals frolicking, the flickering of faint candlelight casting on it a breath of life. Such a contrast it is to the pale grey walls, such bewildering emotions it instils, so incongruous with the world it’s in; such is Kyousougiga. Set in the Mirror Capital of Kyoto, an amalgam city of old and new, a world where the boundary between man and god is blurred, is a story of a family coming into terms with each ...
Mar 26, 2015
Harem-ridden and trope-driven as anime nowadays is, many a disillusioned fan don’t hesitate to call out the medium as fallen. Indeed, though Miyazaki may not actually have uttered the words “anime was a mistake.” (only not in public, mind you) the wide circulation of the phrase is nonetheless a reflection of the sentiments of our oh-so-critical generation. Along comes Saekano, or How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, the latest entry of the harem genre’s self-critique and introspection.

Tomoya is, well, your ordinary harem lead who is seemingly unremarkable but whose charm is so irresistible yet so subtle, that the girls around him cannot but fall ...
Feb 23, 2015
Do you truly know the people around you? Do you notice the chirping canaries that fly by your side?

Psychiatry deals with grave issues; perhaps triggered by a past trauma, perhaps by an insufferable present; patients find themselves struggling to cope with their daily lives. This gravity is what makes the eccentric Irabu Ichiro, certified psychiatrist, so bewildering a character. Accompanied by his seductive nurse Mayumi, he runs a psychiatric ward offering consultation and treatment for people suffering from various mental disorders. The deceptively simple premise of Kuuchuu Buranko lays the groundwork for an extraordinary exploration of human mind and society.

The first thing in Kuuchuu Buranko ...
Jan 15, 2015
Lolita Anime (Anime) add
Being the first animated hentai series, Lolita Anime is perhaps most often watched nowadays for its historic value. Those venturing into this series expecting an unrefined mess full of out outdated visuals and archaic techniques, however, have much to be pleasantly surprised by.

Lolita Anime consists of three separate stories which, while sexual in nature, are far from being solely pornography as contemporary hentai often is. Repetitive single-motion scenes do not clog up its duration. In Lolita Anime there is not merely the desire to animate sex or to tell stories, but also one to make art.

Potential viewers should not be put off by the ...
Jan 2, 2015
Mixed Feelings
What would you do if the one, uh, I mean, two things you hold most dearly are threatened to be taken away? This is no question for our protagonist and fellow twintails connoisseur Mitsuka Souji: of course you defend it with all your might! Plz stop deleting my reviews ok it makes me platinum mad.

Souji has just begun his first day in high school. Unmatched in his passion for twintails, he can only revel in the grandeur of all the damsels sporting his favorite hairstyle, much to the dismay of Tsube Aika whose affection for him goes beyond that of an ordinary childhood friend. Their ...
Dec 30, 2014
Fujimi Lovers (Manga) add
Oh woe is Jun - victim of cruel fate, poet of lost love. The tantalizing fruits of love are reaped yet never consumed. Poor Jun is left with naught, but to hunger evermore.

It's not easy to work up the courage to confess one's love, even less so for an kindergarten boy who believes himself unworthy of her reciprocal affection. To Kouno Jun's intense bewilderment, however, she requites his feelings in full measure. With a radiant smile and her pinky extended, Hasebe Rino asks for Jun's eternal love. Yet, as the promise is made, she vanishes into thin air without a trace. Fast forward to ...
Apr 26, 2014
Sakura Trick (Anime) add
This right here is a cult classic, a chef d'oeuvrea buried under erroneous preconceptions and unfounded criticism. This gem is obscured because it does not shine; it is buried because its tone is that of abyssal black. Sakura Trick pries into to the darkest corners of our subconscious, the most visceral of our cognition, the most carnal of our urges, and the most primal of our instincts. Its sublimity will ever be debated yet always remain objectively irrefutable; the fundamental insight it provides into human and perhaps animalistic nature may shape the basis of sexual psychoanalysis for millennia to come.

Superficially, Sakura Trick appears to ...
Apr 10, 2014
It’s just another ordinary day in school; Madoka and her classmates sit in wonder and disbelief as they struggle to make sense of Saotome-sensei’s daily ramblings. On this particular day, she seems to be sermonizing about Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ. “Ridiculous”, they must think, but little do they know that the end may well be nigh.

In a surreal land of childlike sketches and jovial colours, the viewers are greeted by ballet dancers skipping to melodious violin, a stitched-together gothic puppet with its tongue sticking out of its wide inane grin, and a rainbow gate with the words “Welcome to Cinema” carved onto ...
Mar 27, 2014
Pupa (Anime) add
Pupa is a symbolic story of an abused maiden, Yume, who upon entering puberty develops an abominable and perilous love for her older brother Utsutsu. Seemingly a series which only caters to those who are gratified by gore and incestuous lust, Pupa actually explores, more than most other “imouto shows”, the complexities of the tabooed love between siblings.

Perhaps most importantly, understanding of the series’ themes necessitates recognizing the circumstances surrounding the siblings’ childhood, and the Freudian psychoanalyses which the author may well have been inspired by. Sigmund Freud pioneered the field of psychology during his time, and a significant portion of his revolutionary findings ...
Mar 4, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Dir En Grey is something of a controversial band. Since its conception more than a decade ago, it had for a long time been at the forefront of the Visual Kei movement in challenging the norms of music, sexuality, and morality. Of course, the distinction between meaningful social critique and unsubstantial shock value is not always clear-cut, as is the case with the anime in question. Agitated Screams of Maggots is a single released by Dir En Grey in 2006. This anime, or music video to be more precise, was released alongside the single featuring a hand-drawn story to complement the song.

As the band ...