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Black_Sheep97 Yesterday, 10:48 AM
Damn, my hero academia season 4 a 5, thats a bit harsh i honestly think for a start in the season this has been the best so far in terms of quality. If you want we could discuss but i don't want to force cause chances are im gonna piss you off.
What makes you think this season is mediocre or worse than the others before it?
LightBestGirl Yesterday, 5:52 AM
I don't mind the long reply, if anything I prefer it. I just realized it's been over a week and a half, I was looking forward to you writing a really damn long explanation of why Floch is actually the most layered character in SnK but I guess not.

MeRUeM bAd, kIlL cHiLD, if you hate anyone based on their actions why Meruem lol. What do you mean "deluded Armin Stan" (didn't know he had stans tbh) that guy is 100% objectively correct, isn't it also kinda early to give that statement, I mean, the story isn't even finished and we won't know what Eren really tries to do until we get his side of things. The thing is, Griffith has done a lot of shit wrong but I love him for that. I think Nanika was a way to smooth things into the dark continent, I don't know what role Killua could've in this arc (tho Togashi is a genius so he can probably come up with something), also, isn't only Illumi on the boat? I don't remember the other Zoldycks being there. While Pitou's thighs are great and all I don't think it comes anywhere near chibi Pitou.

HxH is so damn good, I've watched it so many times but it gets better every time. After enough of Aleczandxr's videos you start viewing HxH in a new light, or like, 20 new lights. I'm the pessimistic type so I wouldn't be surprised if we went a decade without chapters, tho I really hope I'm wrong.

I used to be but I have a tendency to change hobbies really quickly (my nen category is deffo transmuter), once I got into anime I lost interest in football. I'm caught up on the post time skip stuff, ngl I fanboyed really fucking hard over the new chapter.

Idk man, Kim-kun is really good but unless he's fleshed out more I don't think he'll be anywhere near Stalin. Stalin is a genuinely fantastic anti-hero rivaling characters like Kiritsugu.

Houseki no Kuni is so good, it's worth watching it just for the breathtaking visuals tbh. I love the setting and I agree with basically everything you said, tho Phos is my favorite and tbh one of my favorite characters ever, her arc is such a sad yet true demonstration of growth and maturation.

I actually didn't like the change in art style, tho unless I actively look for it it doesn't bother me. While I get your point about the OVA, I can't say I share the sentiment, I'm happy it was separate from the season since it was the part I was least looking forward to so if anything is adapted poorly I'd rather it be this and not my favorite little ginger head cleaning floors, obviously it would be nice if it was done perfectly but at the same time I can live with it. Also, the OVA was really funny to watch.

The farmland arc is something truly special and Thorfinn's development was amazing. While many stories show how pointless war is I think VS did it so well with this arc and in a very different way, there's also the revenge part with Throfinn, it's pretty common for stories that include revenge to be like "all revenge brings is emptiness" and do nothing to actually explore that idea so I'm really glad it was done with Thorfinn. I hate when people say that Thorfinn has no development in the Prologue as a criticism, it's not wrong but it's intentional, the story actually acknowledges that when Saber's descendant (Askeladd) tells Thorfinn to sort out his life, and if he had development in the Prologue this arc wouldn't work nearly as well.
snowhytetan Yesterday, 4:14 AM
Yes, I love Football. Follow it regularly.
King_Of_Voices Jan 19, 4:37 PM
It's okay! I was just dying to get some reviews is all, so I'm sorry if it seemed like I was impatient for a reply(I just like talking to you)

Thank you! Also if you're curious the second one is a monologue from American McGee's Alice, which is a horror games based on Alice in Wonderland that was made in 2000. It's pretty good. I'll keep a Tsukiyama scene in mind once I read more of Tokyo Ghoul!

If you don't mind, could you send me the link you used to get it? I've been wanting to play it with my brothers so I'd appreciate it.

R.I.P to a legend. If you want to check out more of his greatness and one of his last final roles, I would check out Banana Fish. He plays the main villain of that show(who is on my antagonist collage).

I got the manga for Christmas, and I felt that I should read it from the beginning so I can experience the whole story in manga form. I imagine I am indeed in for a treat, as I loved the first season of the anime and I've only heard good things about the Farmland arc.

Good luck with making those collages! Just be ready to update them at some point lmao, I've updated mine like 4 times already. Honestly once I watch more anime and read more manga in general I plan to increase their size from 4x4's to 6x6 grids.

How's Stone Ocean so far? You enjoying it more?

Monster is one of those series that I never hear anyone dislike, like I've seen people who dislike Fate/Zero or Hunter x Hunter, but never Monster. It's just got so much going for it that the show leaves an impact on you, whether it's through the characters, story, music, and general atmosphere of the work. Tenma is indeed a fantastic character, so are Anna and Johan. Wolfgang Grimmer is probably one of the greatest characters ever created truth be told. What do you think of Detective Lunge so far?

All I know about Kaiki is that I like his theme music a lot lmao.
LightBestGirl Jan 19, 6:39 AM
What do you think of Haikyuu S4 so far?

How was Vinland Saga's Farmland arc?
King_Of_Voices Jan 18, 5:48 PM
Hey out of curioisty, what did you think of my voice acting?
Bender22q Jan 18, 4:16 PM
I hope you get it too.

Now that I thought about it you're right, Shield hero wasn't that good I binge-watched it in two days, I think it's OK to feel that way about her and I as well still don't understand why Subaru is obsessed with her that much, S2 is coming so we might find out why.

I hope it gets better though. Most movie Blu-rays get released in 8 or 9 months after its first premiere I guess the Blu-ray situation won't change for the better and we will get used to the grueling wait someday.

Houseki no Kuni is a work of art its really beautiful to look at the music and the voice acting in the show are both great I`m glad you enjoyed it that much, Lunarians and Cinnabar`s theme and also the battle theme are my favorites. Phos is my favorite character in the show and I like Cinnabar, Antarc, and Dia too. I'm excited to continue the manga as well, Start reading from chapter one so you get used to the art and the feel of the manga better.

really? lol, I don't see myself reading manga in public place especially in school I think I enjoy it better in solitude, I appreciate your reply after catching up with the manga my experience reading Vinland Saga was close to my experience reading Berserk I had a blast reading it Farmland arc was great it had hilarious moments like when Einer forced Thorfinn to pray for the wheat Thorfinn went through a lot of character development in this arc and I loved it for that. finding Vinland is the ultimate goal of VS that`s why I think these chilly moments are well prioritized, The next arc had much lighter themes in it to prepare for the final one and also Thorkell was in it too so I enjoyed it regardless lol, Don`t worry about Hild I Think she will shine soon in the final arc, as I heard the author considers her one of his Favorite characters, the first time I saw Sigurd I did mistake him for his father lol, Yeah 24 pages a month won`t have an impact on me too, the authors says that it's hard to deliver more than that in a month and it takes more than 12 hours to draw one page.

While Post prologue stuff has a different tone to it I enjoyed it as much as the prologue stuff.

I think the anime adapts up until chapter 88 of the manga or to be specific it adapts the golden age arc only.

Yeb Eizouken is great and Kanamori is best girl. The director likes settings too like the way the main character does so he was suited for it, the character on my Profile pic is Akashi one of the main characters of the Tatami Galaxy anime directed by the same director of Eizouken check it out I think you will relate to it somehow.
Fantasymelon Jan 17, 5:27 PM
aaaa I'm so glad you loved it so much! I agree so much, the writing in hnk is so good. I hope you enjoy the manga and don't get too depressed from it haha. I recommend reading it from the start since the paneling and art is so unique.
Farmland arc? Are you talking about Vinland saga? Because if so then yes, that's probably my favorite arc in Vinland saga.
I stopped reading tower of god during the beginning of the workshop battles. I need to start over soon haha. Rak is best boy, I need to add him to there. You like Yuri right? She's great, tho personally I prefer Anaak and Androssi so far haha.
nanimeanswhat Jan 17, 2:03 PM
You know what, I take back what I said about Shiratorizawa's redhead yesterday. After watching this episode he seems pretty cute and quite wacky. Can't say the same thing about Ushiwaka tho. He probably is a nice person inside but he needs to show that. I can't believe people actually had to wait for 3 whole years for this season. Even waiting for one episode hurts. Edit: And the white head in Kageyama's training camp looks so weird wtf is that design he looks like a fish-bird hybrid.
nanimeanswhat Jan 16, 1:56 PM
*cracks knuckles* in Tanaka voice: Ikuzo!
While I was writing my S2 review to you I had a huuge stomachache and I thought "oh boy, a bad constipation is coming", but then the pain didn't go away and I ended up crawling to the ER at around 4AM in the morning to find out I had appendicitis. I got the damn surgery, and I have year-round allergic rhinitis which means I sneeze a lot (15 times/day average) and every time I sneeze I now feel like I'm stabbed. The pain is so sharp that I ended up praying for my death. And this is my 3rd surgery in the last 4 months, plus I have one more surgery scheduled for next month, and at this rate, my body will start producing anesthesia on its own lol. Thankfully none of the surgeries are life-threatening issues, so I can just joke about them and use them as an excuse for staying at home all day watching anime.

Now that I'm pretty much caught up with the anime, I can say that Haikyuu has been amazing so far. It also affects my everyday life. I started to use "oya oya oya" a lot to my friends lol. For the 2nd season, the training arc was indeed mad fun but after that, I couldn't enjoy those matches against the pink school with the pineapple head and the party school with the tongue piercing dude (look I even forgot their names, they felt that irrelevant). So I guess I can call it a 8.5?? I see myself rewatching some parts but not the whole season. I gave S3 a 9 but it was also a 8.5 for me. They tried to make me warm up to Shiratorizawa's redhead dude by showing his flashbacks, but to be honest he was simply just a prick. Ushiwaka was also a soulless bastard and the type of antagonist that I really dislike. I initially had this thought while watching their flashbacks: "Started playing volleyball because he's a leftie, you say? Okay good for him now back to the match." but I guess I'm the soulless one here by not caring about them enough lol. Anyways, I watched the video and it really sums up getting into Haikyuu. You can't help but root for almost everyone there. I say almost because I don't think I can ever support Lev, oh god I just hate how cocky he is despite his below-average skills. Tsukki's an angel, no he's a god compared to Lev (I know like Tsukki by the way after watching S3 hehe). But this is a shounen and he probably will end up being a monster player. Mad dog isn't that bad but he's too edgy for me to like, and watching his jump serves kinda make me uncomfortable. When others do a jump serve with a curved body like this→ ( , his curve is more like this→ C . And an unpopular opinion: I don't like Kenma either because he's too emo. By the way, I watched Riku vs Kuu and then red the chapters you told me about and I perfectly understood why you didn't like it. Nohebi kids were huge jerks in the manga and I almost related to them in the OVA, wth? Thankfully, my mans Kuroo prevented the adaptation from being even worse.

Phew, I feel like I've been keeping a lot of dislike inside me. Now onto the good parts. That Tooru saying "Iwa-chan" compilation you sent really warmed my heart, with #12 being my favourite one (just too cute uwu - I can't believe I used that expression but it's the only expression that can express my feelings). They even came to the final match and they were both really fashionable haha. You thought that I was going to dedicate my account to Tooru, but you should've known that I can't just separate Tooru and Iwa-chan no matter what. He seriously is an amazing team player with the best ideology and he really knows how to utilise his team's attack power. He's got brains too. He basically has everything that Kageyama lacks (including a good hairstyle because let's be honest, Kageyama's hair is ugly) and Ushiwaka's adoration to him proves his worth. Not to mention he has a great appearance. The author probably went all out while creating him lol. He probably thought: "hmm how can I create the most perfect character ever?". He also has a great voice actor who also voices my first and biggest anime crush to date aka the perfect high school anime boy Kazehaya-kun from Kimi ni Todoke. So every time I listen to Tooru I go back to 14-year-old me who watched Kimi ni Todoke for the first time. For these reasons I've already reserved a special place in my heart for him and Iwa-chan (because he's no less amazing, sadly he's just being overshadowed by Tooru). But I just can't dedicate my whole account for a mere high schooler, I have DigNiTy and a RePuTAtiON to protect.

KonoSuba is the ONLY isekai anime I've ever watched. I've always stayed away from isekai because it seemed really trashy, but after seeing isekai quartet I've decided to give those anime featured there a chance since they are more respectable anime among other isekais. And KonoSuba had the parody tag so it had the highest probability of me liking it so I started by watching it. By the way, oh damn, why did you rate Re:Zero so low? lol. The 2nd season was kind of a letdown for me tho. Especially towards the end, the jokes became too repetitive and there was excessive fanservice this season with too much Darkness and too little Megumin. Eris pads her breasts, you know that! One day everyone, yes you too, will join the Axis church. Joke aside, I wish religions in this world was as fun and pointless as the religions in KonoSuba. Mate, I've already joined the Soviet Yunyun becuase I, just like the precious Yunyun, need friends T_T I unfortunately couldn't find the movie on the internet.

Overhaul was very badass at the beginning of the season when he faced the League of Villains. And since I hate Shigaraki I initially loved him but now he just seems like a mad lad and there's absolutely nothing interesting about him. Oh, such a big villain he is, defeated by a 15-year-old teenager who got his quirk less than a year ago. All the other big shot heroes are sleeping, apparently. Or on vacation. Mt. Lady, Orca, Endeavor who? Did they even exist? lol what a joke. The last episode was nothing special and I guess we've seen where the entire budget of S4 went: that one damn punch. By the way, his punches are powerful enough to break tons of concrete, then how come overhaul's face still exists? His skull should've been a bloody mess shattered around a large diameter.

I'm currently not planning on VS manga but since we don't know when in the earth we can get the 2nd season, I might start reading it.

Sorry to hear that you've had that horrible near-death experience. Must be one hell of an experience. Well, I feel like you're very different than me when it comes to relationships, you say you're straightforward and you've dated people you had liked, which means you've confessed. That's something I could only dream of. But I understand your current fear of rejection. I've always lived with that fear. I've never been rejected by anyone in my life, because I've never confessed to anyone lol. That fear of rejection wasn't only for relationships, though. It applied for jobs, scholarships, those elite university clubs, and even asking someone a favor (unless they were really close to me). But now I made up my mind and I'm going to apply to even the most impossible-looking universities like Imperial College because whatever, yolo! Anyway, it's actually funny to hear you are "competing" with American jocks. If that's your crush's type, I don't know what to say. Aren't they just a bunch of brainless idiots, who even falls for them? I've never met an "American jock" in my life so I'm talking solely based on superstitions lol. If she has somehow found a brainy one, too bad for you. I guess you'll just have to stick with 2D girls for the time being. There's Mikasa waiting on this side. Also, there's a saying that the more you ignore her, the more she will fall for you, but personally I think that's complete bs.

By the way, how did nihilism help you overcome your hardships? Based on my high school philosophy knowledge (but again, I've usually slept through the whole class and I only know some stuff thanks to the fantastic moustache Nietzsche who seemed like the most pessimistic human ever back then), nihilism actually triggers depression in some cases. I guess? It has already been 7-8 years. It's interesting to see it actually helped you. And, you're taking about existential nihilism, right? Because while I understand existential nihilism perfectly, other variations like ethical nihilism honestly scare me (you know, they say that there's nothing wrong with murder and stuff like that).

This is the first time I've started watching so many seasonals. I have no problems with dropping so I just started them out of boredom. I'll tell you if anything's good. And I might start watching Monster too.

Welp, that's it for another essay. I see it's not just me, your conversations with everyone is long lol. It's quite amazing that you have the time to reply to all of them. I kinda feel bad when I write this much but whatever, you're my MAL bestie and I cherish our deeeeeep conversations.
PriusKiller2 Jan 16, 12:30 PM
I absolutely agree that Land of the Lustrous is superior to Beastars in almost every aspect except the OST and CGI production. Its not Beastars is bad, hell it was easily the best show (non-sequel wise because then it would be Chihayafuru Season 3) of Fall 2019 but I find when Phos' narrative ties in heavily to the Ship of Theseus especially with how when gems lose a part of their body they lose a part of their memory it makes for such an interesting dilemna for Phos. Phos wanted to be stronger for Cinnabar so Phos lost their body parts but when Phos loses their body parts they forget their original purpose and no one will remind Phos what their original purpose was. This isn't an issue solely affecting Phos either, you saw it with Dia as well towards the end.

Sangatsu Season 1 as of right now is a solid 9 and good enough to get in my top 20. It does have a great cast and is far better than YLIA. I love Kyouko (especially her VA Marina Inoue she's Armin, Yoko Littner, and Oikura in Owarimonoogatari) and even more so Shimada, his backstory of how he originally grew up in a rural area yet used shogi as a way to not only benefit his community but eventually lift him out of poverty is nice. Season 2 though has been far better and I've only watched 8 episodes. It's absolutely emotional, beautiful, and covers the issues of bullying nicely. I can't help but respect the fuck out of Hina, her family, and Rei Kiriyama.
Tharizdun Jan 16, 1:39 AM
Well, what do you learn about in the class? If it’s practices and rules of religion that sounds awful, but learning about the mythology sounds kinda fun, lol.

Yeah, but it’s a rumor. And, I asked the guy who started the rumor for his sources, and he said he wouldn’t give any, so take it or leave it, so there’s not a reason to believe him. Wit Studio has also shared artwork about the later content of the manga so I think they’re still on it. If S4 is adapted as best as it can, it might just make a 9 for me. But, that probably won't happen because of Wit’s scheduling.

40.000 students? That’s huge, I like have, a couple hundred, at most. I prefer small schools so that’s just fine by me. Do tell me what you think of Oregairu, cause even people with similar tastes to mine love it. I seem to be the only ones and not only dislikes it, but think it’s quality is actually mediocre. I’d love to discuss it with you, I haven’t discussed it with other people (understandable, why would they want me to shit on their show, it won’t change my opinion)

The manga is in its final stage. One of the girls have confessed, so now it’s just waiting for the others to come fort. Dunno why the teacher is still there, an awful character in every regard except character design, and it’s obvious she won’t win. She’s just there for fan-service. Fumino is the best written character and she deserves it, even though Yuiga is as dull as a wall.

No Guns life and Kabuchiko Sherlock weren’t anything special, unless you liked them before, you’re not missing anything special. Blade of the Immortal was fine, but I’ll probably prefer the manga. I liked the OVA, haven’t read the manga though, but I did feel it was very rushed. Still, Bokuto was there so I enjoyed it a lot. You gotta watch Smile Down the Runway this season, one of the best shows airing right now. Kyokou Suiri is a lot of fun too. Richard and Pet aren’t great yet but certainly have the potential to. Might be something to keep an eye on.

They did adapt Overflow into a hentai in the uncensored version, which is what I watched, There’s a csnsored version where they cut off the sex scenes. Probably the one you watched.
Spryzeta Jan 13, 7:09 PM
I actually don't read other people's comments or even any internet comments in general (had that habit in the past but now I don't) in case there are spoilers about anime I haven't seen so thanks for telling me directly that you don't mind long replies.

SnK girls are just so damn perfect. So realistic and strong as heck. From the loud n' proud Hange to the foodie Sasha --- every single one of them is so well-written. The lack of fanservice makes them so respectable imo (honestly one of my favorite things about SnK). And yup, my fav is Mikasa and she's not one-dimensional in any way. It's funny how the two characters I was immediately drawn to in SnK, Levi and Mikasa share the same bloodline lol. Seems like I really love the Ackermans I guess xD
About Season 2... it wasn't what I was expecting at all. That scene of everyone walking away and Reiner calmly tells Eren 'I'm the armored titan and he's the colossal titan and we attacked humanity five years ago'. You won't believe I actually replayed that scene to ensure I didn't read the subtitles wrong LOL. That was one heck of a reveal. Like, even if they transformed right before my eyes, I was just staring open-mouthed at my screen, still refusing to believe it. Ymir's backstory was quite emotional. Never thought Christa, no, Historia would be such an important character tho (I hardly even noticed her in S1 lol) She impressed me a lot later in S3.. About Season 3.. Idk why but it had sort of a relaxing vibe to it (probably cause of that OP lol) Not much titan business, just humans scheming and fighting against humans. But wait, titans are humans too so I'm not sure what to say.. Some big truths about their world were revealed and all that got me so pumped up about what's to come.. So I'll end my review here cause I can't wait to go see the next ep of the much anticipated S3 P2!! It's such a hype show and the author really knows how to keep fans interested, lol.

Oh, I figured it was something about a horse but never guessed it would be a meme. Fans always take things to the next level xD He doesn't look like a horse to me tho but well, it's just Eren being Eren. It's funny how every time they're in a need of a double for Eren, only Jean can pull it off lol. In the last ep of S3, they had their good old fight --- the suicidal idiot vs horse face and I was amused that not even Mikasa stepped in and they were like 'Why isn't anyone stopping us?' Lmao

You know, it actually takes me 3 or 4 voice acting roles by a seiyuu before they become my favorite but Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi is just... Omg, I just realized he has 'Kami' (God) in his name too, oh how perfect!! I read the No Regrets manga and just like you said, Erwin's speech was a lot better there (And as you said, his character development in S3 truly was amazing, and I loved how he exposed the fake king and turned the tables on those corrupt bastards, lol. His backstory was great as well) The events in the manga made more sense to me and overall I liked it better than the OVA. Those short chapters at the end were hilarious but had a sad tinge to them as I kinda missed Farlan and Isabel after that T_T
This anime just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to see where it all goes, especially with that whole basement thing.
Fantasymelon Jan 13, 10:15 AM
oh man, episode 8 is the turning point for the show. No going back. Highly recommend you continue, the stuff after episode 8 as well as the manga is what elevated Phos to my favorite anime character. If it helps, at least anime wise, nothing is as traumatizing as episode 8, so the next episodes will be easier to swallow :)
PriusKiller2 Jan 12, 10:15 PM
But you must continue man, and yes Phos does go through a development that radically changes their character I guess by that logic you could compare Phos to Simon and Antarticite to Kamina, one of the people I talk to on Discord loves the shit out of Gurren Lagann and since Antarticite was like Kamina that's why Antarticite is their favorite character.