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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Nov 28, 4:22 AM
On-Hold 20/46 · Scored -
Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season
Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season
Oct 28, 4:10 AM
Dropped 2/12 · Scored 4
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Oct 28, 2:52 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 10
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Days: 25.8
Mean Score: 9.70
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Dec 5, 8:13 PM
Reading 124/? · Scored 10
Mar 5, 6:55 PM
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Feb 11, 3:33 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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aisakafuyumi Dec 8, 4:13 AM
WAT i never said that
if i admit to anything i'll only admit to the occasional yaoi webtoon
keyword: occasional
umm actually only this year lol
hbu, tell me your tainted story

lol it's not deep i just thought of sliding doors with push buttons XD
aww that's really nice and all
but personally what you said about the goblin door really spoke to me
so i think i'd like to be that round hobbit door
since i'm so short i guess it works fine
aisakafuyumi Dec 8, 4:00 AM
i'd just pirate off the internet if that was my intention XD
yeah it kind of bothers me sometimes how it can just be splayed all in the open
poor youths will have their souls tainted early

idk i just had an image in my head of the times i've gone up to those doors and waited for the sensor to trigger and the doors to open
and when they didn't
i was like ugh
and had to push the button
then i laughed

yeah so that's my ted talk on why you should be an automatic sliding glass door with wireless push buttons
aisakafuyumi Dec 8, 3:51 AM
noo i sweaaarrrr it was an accident T^T
i mean i just thought the cover was cute so i flipped through it and read the synopsis
it was only then. ONLY THEN when i realised

wow thanks now i'm going back to being a teak door
i see you as one of those automatic sliding doors but with the wireless push buttons on it
aisakafuyumi Dec 8, 3:40 AM
that was me when i accidentally picked up a father-daughter hentai in the bookstore on my stroll today

ooo i wanna be one of those medieval goblin doors
yes that is so me
aisakafuyumi Dec 8, 3:26 AM
ok you asked for it, you can't go back on your word now

why wouldn't you laugh at my pun. i found it to be rather humorous.

lol i can imagine myself doing that because i've done the exorcist crawl on someone before
i even made sure to do it in the dark

i didn't even realise that was a pickup line at first and thought you were asking what kind of door i'd be XD
well fyi, i think none of the ones you listed
i'd like to be a teak door
Alexis- Dec 6, 7:47 PM
Yeah, I was never able to get a shiny when I used to play, so maybe it's for the better? I don't know haha
aisakafuyumi Dec 6, 6:13 AM
i'm a switch too so it's fine lmao

aww man u have trypophobia? :(( then i can't link you pics of hole-y hands

here have a cute puppy instead

yes. laugh at my pun.

it is fancy and lewd stretching
not only can i do the downward dog but i've also mastered the happy baby pose which just screams lewd

if u were a chicken
you'd be
aisakafuyumi Dec 5, 5:58 AM
hold up you never said you were dom
oh well the more you know

ew what that reminds me of the hole phobia, what's it called? i think it's trypophobia. i used to have that, but now i don't care. they're just holes.

ahHH 50 shades of grey, more like fifty shades of gAY

who gets sweaty from yoga
actually i get sweaty leaving the building and being shined on by the sun while i'm crossing the street to consume more calories at starbucks
i do it because i like the feeling of all my bones crackalackin and then i feel super relaxed afterwards
i have really terrible sitting postures so yoga fixes it XD

ok here's a fantastic one, prepare yourself because it's gonna knock you off your feet
they call me coffee
because i grind so fine

OR this gem right here, prepare yourself once more
i think i'm german
do u wanna see my weinerschnitzel
aisakafuyumi Dec 5, 5:21 AM
bc i have the yoga pants, i thought that was enough power
was that a reference oh no i'm ashamed XD

hell yeah! i've now acquired the "Lint Zoomer" title
once i tried zooming into my eyelash to see if i could find any dope cells
i didnt. it was just black. huge disappointment.

nyeehhhhh what do you mean salt on rice??!?? that's an abomination holy heck
it's the swede genes right. tall, blonde, blue eyes, great personality? right???

yes i have indeed returned. i feel L I M B E R

u must be one spicy dish because you're making my heartburn
aisakafuyumi Dec 5, 4:56 AM
wat i thought i was the one wearing the pants in this relationship
okay i'll let you have this one then

yeah and i stand there gaping like a fish...then i laugh nervously XD
it was definitely the mittens, that's what did it. it totally wasn't your cute personality and fun stories or anything...
bruh all i do is zoom and i'm like "that floating thing looks cool but i can't identify it, can you have a look?"
and my partners are like "that's lint"

i usually ate rice for lunch. just rice.
ooo blue is one of my favorite colors

you must be a bowl of ice cream because i really wanna spoon you
aisakafuyumi Dec 5, 2:16 AM
why is there a condition am i not good enough >:c
just kidding, as long as you don't stop me from body farming at night then we'll make a good pair

um yeah if i recall not long ago you complained there wasn't enough gay :p
am i too much gay? should i be lewd instead?
"you're smart" ok thank god your standard is low, i was absolutely certain i'd flubbed the intellectual impression after stating that a penis was an axolotlt

fr though thank you that made my day :'))
now my yoga teacher is gonna wonder why i'm smiling to myself at the back of the room and she's probably gonna assume i'm thinking lewd things but in reality i'm just thinkin bout you <3

what. then where did you eat???
hmm that might not work. what color are your eyes? i might take them anyway to keep in my pockets

but u get sweaty from call of duty apparently so we're a sweaty pair
let's get sweaty
aisakafuyumi Dec 4, 7:08 PM
but wasn't yesterday your turn to be gullible?
fr though i opened the notif and then closed the tab

so my life is an anime?? i think you're that boy then
aight maybe it's not so bad, i'll take you over the reverse harem any day

voluntary. i was a smartass nerd for my first two years of high school lol
but it was for reeeeseaaarchhh, not pleasure!!
yet you lewded woody
that's discrimination

nah i turn down the AC to like 21 degrees

i did the same thing to a friend when i was 13!! we were building one of those lego batman castle things (sans instructions bc i'm smart ofc)
i was mad that i had to play robin and he got to be batman so i tried to kick the batman out of his hand and ended up smashing his nuts
then he collapsed and stepped on a bunch of loose lego bits :D

nooo i did i promise

aisakafuyumi Dec 4, 5:17 AM
SHITT i missed your notification soz soz T.T
how can i make it up to you?

um i've always wanted my life to be an anime but this is not exactly what i had in mind?? i wanted a reverse harem, but at the bare minimum i wouldn't mind getting isekai'd by truck-kun

i have a kink for people with no clothes on how bout that

i did summer school for geometry and i really thought i was the shit. then when school started alg 2 just said SIKE
i liked the dissection projects, we dissected a cow's eye once
the smell gives me stomachaches but i'm not squeamish
yeah and for some reason when i saw finding nemo on the tv i kept trying to identify where that fin was

you don't like fruits or veggies right
how can you live on nuggets

i always slept under the covers bc if i can't see them then they can't see me
her mom had some drunk jerks over and they started brandishing knives and playing the Jason theme songs all the while telling us things like "make sure you don't open that curtain when we leave or he'll come for you"
whaat?? but i thought you liked rollercoasters?
have you been on those bridges or buildings where the floor is glass? that's terrifying

aight i'll check it now
Rsurect Dec 4, 3:30 AM
thanks for the add back bruh, rad favorites, how are you?
aisakafuyumi Dec 3, 5:46 AM
hi! how's it goin?
the people who were supposed to show up for the project dipped and i ended up falling asleep in the library :)
then i tried walking home, and i got soaked by a car that roostertailed me :))
and THEN i realised i left my workbook in the library T.T
i had a whole pint of ice cream for consolation when i finally made it home

hohoho i've got quite the selection of thighhighs
i hated algebra 2!!!!! i didn't understand why i had algebra 1 in the bag, and then alg 2 just came out of the left field??
pre-calc was an even bigger disaster, in fact, let's not trigger my PTSD

um oatmeal raisin because i hate chocolate
don't leave me pls, just overlook this one smaaall oddity of mine

...yes. i mean i have an air purifier that glows, so it's not really a night light, it's just convenient that it happens to light up :p
the dark phobia was triggered by a traumatizing sleepover at a friend's house during halloween and the neck/eye thing is because i do jiujitsu and i've seen some accidents 0.0
so if i fall asleep on the bus and my head starts tilting back, i'll jolt awake because i'll feel like my neck is being exposed
hbu, any phobias?

oof i took some damage with that one, very well played indeed

yeah lmao i need to turn notifications on for discord because i'll be like hello why didn't my bb reply and then i realise that i was the bastard who didn't reply