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Nov 1, 2011
***This review was made without reading the original story from the visual novel***

It is quite an admirable show story-wise.

Emotions were brilliantly invoked at the right time, this single aspect alone made 60% of the show's impact. It wasn't rushed or exaggerated.

The first half of the show was definitely awesome. The story was good but it was the progress and script that really shines. They handled the atmosphere of the show brilliantly while subtly adding minor themes that would later make sense when the story nears its climaxes.

After experiencing the thrill and excitement of the story's first two parts you can palpably notice a read more
Oct 14, 2011
Undoubtedly, one of the best anime this year and all time. One of the few that makes the viewers actively thinking.

A "mad scientist" with his "hostage" went to a conference and saw a dead woman. Trying to send a message after being shocked of what he saw, he suddenly finds himself back in an altered time!
WTF just happened!!!!

What do you get when you try to merge sci-fi, mystery and thriller? You get a complicated plot, not to mention it also got drama,action, comedy and romance and it's all about time travel! But that's a no problem for Steins;Gate and it masterfully portrayed it, some of read more