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Oct 31, 2009

this is like the non told story of gurren lagann with all the jokes and twist
after this i am glad that they show what happend in the dark
like all the great prank of kamina
the adventure of viral
this is a must see to belivie and laugh out

they really show great jokes which is quite in the style of the comedy in the manga and anime

read it and enjoy
Jun 15, 2009
well i am sorry for my english

how should i begin with this crazy ova

well first of it shows every akibakei dream and have a message to all guys who wishes for a harem life, it been painful to magined the pain everyday doing it on and on so i skipped that part for now

warning spoiler contents

the story is kinda like a chase to get daisuke dude do choise beteween 4 main girls and and makeing 2 of them love crazy with him(which one of them is he little sisterl) and he playing with two turiset so the count down is 6 girls
which 4 read more
Mar 30, 2009
Akikan! (Anime) add (All reviews)
okay folks let be honest
when it first shows its a masterpiece of the best jokes that i ever seen
the story is good and the character are good to be ture
but in epi 6 it shows that it was end to its oringal story so the rest would be just as i freard filler fanserving episode until 12

so i say like this
this anime is quite good better than the manga version at least
but see only 1-6 if you want to see the ture storyline, the rest is up to you