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Jan 6, 2021
Gigant (Manga) add (All reviews)
"I think I just fell in love with a porn star
Turn the camera on, she a born star"
(Kanye West - Hell of a Life)

What does this have with Gigant? Well, it's the plot. And aliens of course, it's a Hiroya Oku manga.

Although i feel the sci-fi makes no sense at all at first, it's a beautiful drama i'm not gonna lie, and the MAL score just do no justice to it.

The story really takes a while to get off, probably only around chapter 15 you'll get the hang of i, but then it's really something. The manga has a lot of references to other read more
Dec 22, 2020
tl;dr: Do NOT watch it. Even as a test ride, please don't.

Do you think Yu-Gi-Oh! could EVER get worse? You're served.

Arc-V starts with a decent purpose, an anniversary series that brings all past heroes of the franchise for cameos, what could go wrong, right?

No, not right.

Turns out it's a trainwreck. An interdimensional war is happening and who could stop it? A clown. Yuya is the worst main character in the franchise, and arguably one of the worst of all time, everything about him is wrong. The "rival" is more like a mentor, with no affinity between them, and you don't know when an arc read more
Dec 22, 2020
tl;dr: Great as a movie/side story, but not an adequate ending as it's supposed to be

The characters are great. Gintama is everything and you can't take it back from them. New Patsuan and Kagura are outstanding, ii was out of my mind when i saw them for the first time. The whole dystopian edo is really something else as well.

Although i laughed here and there, the comedy is not that on point Gintama-level. I also feel like the whole concept of Gintoki being forgotten didn't quite land me, especially when you know the Kintama arc happened before, it's just nothing new, while one of the read more
Dec 22, 2020
I've never read an autobiographical manga, yet i haven't heard of one besides Keimusho no Naka. And it's something else.

By the time i read it for the first time as a teenager, i was astonished by it. Although japanese low security prisons really sound great, people tend to forget how this is centered around someone paying for his crimes and suffering the consequences.

It really blow your mind to see this in a manga, and better, by the perspective of the one who actually did it. The art is great and makes you immerse into how Kazuichi is feeling there. There's also a handful of read more
Dec 22, 2020
First and foremost, this is a review for the full (uncensored-5 minute long ep) version. Might contain spoilers.

The production is uncanny and outstanding for a hentai title, we have to face it.

It lacks story, it's essentially "she fell out of the sky, after some talk now we're doing it", but come on, you're not here for the story, you're here for the doing it. And the scenes are REALLY decent.

If you're still in for the story, the main focus of itis that while he don't land the right girl (which is the landlady), he will do it with the wrong ones, and it's fine, read more
Dec 21, 2020
As someone who has Kamen Rider 555 as favorite series, i have to give this my utmost thumbs up.

Although the manga offers nothing new, since it's just a rewrite of the Kaixa Gear Arc, it offers a completely different perspective to what is seen in the show , and you can't just look at Masato as being the character with a questionable morality he is in the main series, here he is indeed a hero, or at least an anti-hero.

If you never watched Faiz, it might be even misleading when it comes to the character of Kusaka, but this is made as a salute to read more
Dec 21, 2020
Fuuto Tantei is really exciting from beginning to end, for someone that loves W and even though watched all the v-cinemas is still looking for closure, this is your deal.

It's really great to see how the characters from Kamen Rider W have developed after the end of the series, in a light-hearted way but still following the pace of the show, the pursuit of dopants and all the detective shenanigans that makes us love double so much.

Although is really great, the new material doesn't really add up to what you'd expect from THAT specific Kamen Rider show, nonetheless is still an outstanding experience.

I think read more
Dec 21, 2020
Reiatsu battles, ki, sensor-type ninja, flying kick of death, turning into super saiyan.

All of these are regarded as among the best and/or most popular things in anime history. So why we look down on Keijo if it has all of these elements and executes them extremely well?

Oh right, the asses. But this is not exactly a parameter to badmouth something, especially when it's exactly a parody sports-esque anime, with a super exciting plot, great soundtrack and breathtaking battles that own nothing to anyone.

The animation is great, the ascension story to master a technique, the exciting battles, it's everything a regular shounen anime should have and read more
Dec 20, 2020
This thing could be the epitome of HUGE disappointment. The dictionaries should list "Violet Evergarden" as a synonym of the word.

After two flawless episodes, the series starts a pattern: The Mary Sue Violet takes her gloves, and changes the life of the subject of the episode FROM NOWHERE. At first it was cute, then becomes unbearable. The girl that has no perspective herself, but is somewhat able to change others lives. Where have i seen this? Right?

It starts as the promise of a girl trying to find herself and then becomes the pseudo-existential adventure where the producers are making a constant effort for the spectator read more
Dec 20, 2020
I honestly didn't have much expectations for this one, but i totally understand who did.

After four reasonably consistent seasons, the show ends on a bittersweet tone, more bitter than sweet, to align with the manga ending.

Some elements felt really rushed, especially the whole "mother" concept (both Souma and Erina's), although Erina's mom was a somewhat relevant topic back then, we never had any glimpse of the actual relevance of Souma's mom to the story.

Another point that's really disappointing is how the anime builds Jounouchi to be a "Gary Sue"-like creature, and he easily loses to Saiba like it's nothing, leaving Souma without read more